In this tech-oriented world, progressive web apps are spreading, rising in fame. PWAs are built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and offer an experience almost similar to native apps. I’m sure PWA is the buzzword you have listened to and find more beneficial as it is integrated with modern APIs to offer more outstanding capabilities, reliability, and installability. Therefore, you will find the complete process starting from finding sources to select the most appropriate developer.

Firstly you have to decide between a dedicated developer and a freelance developer. Nowadays, there are many sources available to find the most suitable developer according to your project needs.

For example, to find professional freelancer websites like Total, Upwork, Freelancer, etc., are available. Apart from this, you can find experienced developers through social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Another way of hiring developers for your project is through research firms such as,,,, and many more. 

Once you have decided amongst the freelancer and dedicated developers, it’s time to research certain factors to hire the best Progressive web app developers for your project. Go through the following tips to find the most suitable developer. 

  • Ask Previous Clients References

You can contact the previous clients of developers which they have served. Talking to them will provide you an idea about the developer’s skills, delivery time, working methods, support and maintenance, diligence, etc.

You should also check the developer’s ratings and reviews to provide you a clear idea about the candidate’s profile, working expertise, and professionalism. 

  • Look at their Portfolio and Credentials

By checking the developer’s portfolio and certifications, you will get the idea of whether the developer possess the requisite skills according to your project or not. Work portfolio will reflect developers working methods, expertise, tasks they have performed so far, operating procedures, etc. Your developer’s portfolio will provide you information regarding the following aspects:

  1. Proficiency
  2. Experience
  3. Frameworks
  4. Design and development work
  5. Lesson plans
  6. Number of projects
  7. Certifications
  • Good Communication Skills

Communication skills should be the first and most significant thing that you should look into for your developer. The Progressive Web Development company should be able to understand requirements thoroughly. The developer should timely update you regarding the progress and take your reviews and suggestions during the process.

This will remove the chances of misunderstanding and future glitches. The developer should be available on different platforms through call, email, or chat.

  • Explain Your Project Related Requirements

You need to share your project purpose and details clearly with the developer. This is imperative to get the desired result in the first go. If you fail to explain or miss out on any significant point, the final output will differ from what you have expected.

This will result in rework hence increasing your app development cost and time. Therefore, you should be first clear about your project needs and convey them to the developer before beginning the development process. 

Concluding Thoughts!!

Among the plenty of developers offering their services, it becomes pretty challenging to find the most suitable. By following the above-listed points, you can hire the best developer that understands your requirements and provide you the desired PWA in the first go.