Even though straight razors have a tendency to look intimidating, they are a fantastic option for your shaving needs. The antiqued look of a wood handle straight razor may make you think that it is made for your grandfather’s use, but that is not the case. Although they were a popular tool for shaving back in the day, we can use them today as well to have a precise and close shave.

Even with the single blade, they give highly effective results, which many 3 or 5 blade razors fail to provide. Here are some of the benefits of using straight razors.

Benefits Of Using A Straight RazorA Closer Shave

The tip of the blade is flush against your skin, providing you with a close shave. You will have a smooth shave with barely any stubble remaining. This benefit can also be used to get rid of tiny stubble that grows just after a few days of shaving.

Less Irritation

Since the multiple blade razors have more drag to them, your skin may get irritated after using them. With the straight razor, you have less drag, hence reducing the chances of peeling off any skin, resulting in less irritation.

Reduced Cost

The only cost you encounter while buying the straight blade is paying for the blade itself. Even though it’s a bit on the expensive side, once you buy it, you are set for life. Thewood handle straight shaving razor will not impose any further costs on you other than an occasional bottle of shaving cream.

Environmentally Friendly

The problem with modern razors is that they create needless waste, increasing your carbon footprint. They require the use of cartridges that you eventually throw out after a few uses. The packaging of those cartridges is another thing that produces unnecessary waste. However, with straight razors, you produce absolutely zero waste other than your biodegradable shaving residue. It pays to be green and responsible.

Step-By-Step Use Of Straight Razor

 Prep You Beard

A little bit of preparation before you put the blade to your face is essential. Straight razors shave soft hair better than dry and stiff hair. If you go to your local barber, you would see that they use hot towels to prep your face before using a straight razor. The heat and moisture will soften your beard hair resulting in a better shave. However, the best way to soften your hair is by taking a hot shower, lather it up with conditioner, and then rinsing it out.

Lather Up The Shaving Cream

Place a dollop of your trusted shaving cream on the brush and generously apply a think layer on the area you need to shave. Use swirling motions to lather it up on your face. Make sure that every single hair is covered in shaving cream so that the razor has a smooth movement over your face. It may take a few strokes to apply the cream evenly.

Get Ready To Shave

You may need to apply a few techniques during the shaving process since a straight razor is a little hard to handle for beginners. It is possible that you may have a few cuts here and there but don’t worry, as you will get better, you practice more and more.

Start with slow, even strokes, as the faster you do it, the higher the chance of you getting injured. Shave in the direction of your hair growth because shaving against the grain can result in ingrown hair and razor bumps. Apply very little pressure and hold the razor at a 30-degree angle in order to ensure the perfect straight razor shaving.

Finish off with a nice aftershave to protect yourself from bacteria and rehydrate your skin after shaving.

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