If you have heard about the term ornithology, you must also be aware that it is defined as the science of birds, and the person practicing it is called an ornithologist. There are not many universities in the United States that offer a degree in ornithology.

Ornithologists are ecologists who work in the field and research labs, some work in private sectors too. These professional bird watchers try to understand the behavior, origin, structure, and evolution of different bird species. While you may see a bird as a flying creature that depicts a symbol of freedom, you need to become an avid bird watcher to know in detail about the bird species.

Children and Bird Watching

You can pursue a professional ornithology course and involve in fieldwork to study living bird species in their natural habitat. You may also learn about their population status, nesting habits, behavior, and health conditions. Children may be encouraged at a young age to take up birdwatching hobbies.
Kids are easily drawn to small animals and birds. Many children love to draw images of colorful birds that may even have sacred spiritual meanings. You can buy them books about bird paintings and carvings. Kids bird watching skills can be sharpened if a professional bird watcher accompanies them.

Brilliant Colorful Birds

• Blue Grosbeak: The small North American Blue Grosbeak is a delight to watch. Children can spot them easily due to their vibrant blue color. It is a migratory bird and visits the southern United States to breed. The male of the species is adorned with brown wing bars.

• Magpie: Black billed Magpie is the famous American magpie that occupies the western side of North America. The beautiful black, white and blue colored bird has a long tail and large body. It is distinctly related to the jay and crow bird species. You can spot them in open country lands and natural fields.

• California Condor: If you fancy large birds, the California condor that inhabits the North American region can lift your spirits while bird watching. This huge bird can soar up to dizzying heights of above 15000 ft. This black-colored bird is on the list of critically endangered bird species. With a massive weight of up to 30 pounds, its body size is around 3.5 to 4.5 ft.

Bird Watching Superstitions
Native Americans believed that owls were an embodiment of the spirit world. They felt that owl sightings held a deeper meaning. Birds are symbols of mythology for African tribes. The Egyptian God was often drawn with a hawk’s head. Some Egyptian goddesses have been depicted with stunning bird heads.

Bird Watching Binoculars
Nowadays, you may use smartphones to zoom in and focus on rare birds that you spot, but the image may be less clear and blurred. If you want to catch pretty birds in the wild, you need to have good-quality binoculars. Such devices are apt for getting the best closeup shots and maybe even confirm the bird’s identity.

You can scout for bird watching equipment that is lightweight and gives a high-quality visual effect. From Nikon Monarch Nature Binoculars to Vortex Optics HD Binoculars, you can study and compare their features online and buy the best binoculars for bird watching.