Covid changes everything. Our working style also changes with it. Mobile devices and laptop screens have become more friendly for work. Due to covid, most of the professionals prefer work from home. The virtual meeting has its benefits and etiquettes. 

It can be something hard to look perfect and good at online meetings. Clothes and accessories have a great power to look bright and shiny. Here we are giving some style tips for looking good in online meetings. 

1. Neutral Look: 

When you give a neutral and soft look to your personality, that will impact you positively. Wear some neutral colors like the white, light sky, gray, black, brown, etc. Do not wear so many accessories. Wear at least a watch and one elegant Gold Plated Jewelry. That will enhance your look.

If you work in a more pleasant and casual environment, you will feel an environment of work. Neutral looks are more trustworthy and authentic. If you want to look professional, a neutral look is perfect for online meetings. 

2. Wear Casual Wears: 

When it comes to your clothes for video conferences or online meetings- casual wear, business suits, or formal wears are more appropriate and authentic. If you want to look like an expert, wear a business suit.

Casual wears like- shirt and pant, skirt and shirt, and simple mock tops, etc. Floral tops and jeans go perfect for work from home. Be smart and simple while choosing casual wear for meetings. 

3. To go very modest: 

When you are sitting in an online meeting the whole focus should be on you. Avoid too much and heavy jewelry because it can divert others’ minds. Instead of it wear simple and elegant Gold Plated EarringsThat will add simplicity to your personality. 

Too many heavy clothes disturbed the cool and pleasant environment of the meeting. A short and sweet look makes you pleasant for any type of casual meeting. Feel fresh while attending an online meeting. 

4. To keep an eye on your colors: 

We have to join online meetings with bosses, clients, colleagues, and experts. Sometimes online meetings can be an interview also. Choose vibrant and pleasant colors that will give you a fresh and cool look. 

Wear colors that are pleasing eyes. Wear some playful colors that will impress others. Keep freshness to your personality and be yourself. To balance your look that will enhance your look. 

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5. Put on simple Makeup:  

Do not wear lots of makeup, because it impacts worse. For looking good and simple just give a soft and simple touch of makeup. To give just a bright glowing look that will give the best image. Too much makeup overbored your look. 

Sometimes your neutral look is perfect for any online meeting. Be simple and classy for these types of meetings. Nothing is more special than a simple look. 

6. Tie your hair properly: 

In online meetings, the most important thing is that your face look should be perfect and well set. Girls or ladies have a habit of playing with their hair every time, so be careful when you are in front of a screen don’t mistake. 

Properly tie your hair. It should not be befallen in your face. That will impress badly. You can make a ponytail, braided bun, braided twists, etc. Neatly combed hair gives you a classy look. 

7. Avoid Printed Clothes: 

Clothes have a great power to impress in any type of meeting. It also has the power to break your impression. For online meetings, it is important to wear simple clothes. Plain and simple clothes are the most important for professional meetings. 

Avoid printed clothes. Because printed clothes are too eye-catching. These types of highlighting clothes leave a bad impression. Be smart when you are going to select clothes for an online meeting. 

8. To Wear an Elegant Watch: 

When you are attending an online meeting. Your hand and face is the most important part that can be focused. So wear an elegant watch that can make your wrist fabulous. When you choose a watch, be careful that you do not choose too much eye-catching watch. 

To choose a simple and elegant watch. Smartwatch is the perfect option for online meetings. Because you can easily keep notes and schedules on it. That will make your work easy. 


This pandemic time brings lots of changes in our life. Zoom meetings and online meetings take the place of office meetings. So it is necessary to style properly yourself for it amazingly. Be smart and simple while you are readying for an online meeting.