There is no place like home!” We all can identify with this quote as home is a special place that is yours and your family’s. Here you can return at the end of a long day, relax, cook, laze around with family, work, party, sleep and do everything your way. Obviously, we all want our homes to be designed according to our comfort, convenience and taste. 

But, at times people get confused about how to style their home in a way that reflects their personality while also keeping it trendy. Here are a few tips to add personality to your home. The aim should be to buy home accessories and stuff for decor that you actually need and that can also help you personalize your home according to your unique style. 

Bedroom Accessories to Enhance and Customize Your Room

Your Bedroom is a space where you can retire and unwind. Therefore, it should be the most relaxing space in your house and bedroom decor requires careful consideration. Simply having a comfortable mattress will not do. Elevate your sleep experience and personalize the space with a soothing color scheme, some lovely sheets or cushions to make the bed more inviting. Add more decorative and personal items to go with the theme of the room. 

When Choosing Bed Sheets Quality Comes First

Since the focus of a bedroom is always to make it more cozy and relaxed, bed sheets and bed covers need to be picked carefully. Do not just go for the design, color and look of the bed sheet, but the focal point should be the quality of the sheet. After all we have to sleep on these so these must feel ultra soft and comfortable underneath to ensure a goodnight’s sleep. Cotton bed sheets are ideal for our weather, as they are light and comfortable. 

Fitted Sheets for Added Comfort and a Neat Bed

Sometimes the material of bed sheets can be too soft, like the sheets in silk and satin and the bed sheets may keep slipping which can get pretty uncomfortable at night when you have to toss and turn. This is the reason some people prefer fitted sheets which are easier to spread and tuck under the bed. Once they are spread nicely, they won’t slip and you can sleep peacefully. In the end, it all depends on your personal preference, so when exploring bedsheets online, be sure to look in all these categories to get the one that suits your taste and needs. 

Solids or Patterns

Bedding sets can transform the look and mood of the room. If the room has a crowded feel or is small, go for solid bedsheets to give a spacious look. You can find them in both soft and bold color palettes, from understated neutral hues and monochromes to statement bolds, use any color to create balance. Do not add more drama to the room by going for prints, instead go for these classic solids for a serene and neat look. 

And if the room is too dull or bland, do just the opposite, add more life to it by going for prints, add the luxurious quilt covers and throw in some bed cushions. There is an amazing variety of prints and designs available, from florals, geometrics, tropical themes, paisleys, textured ones and more that will help to breathe some energy into the space. 

It is not a rule to stick by these, you can opt for what your mood dictates and feel free to experiment. It is your home after all, so keep refreshing it from season to season with classic luxury home collections by your favorite brands.

Bed in a Bag Option

You can create depth and contrast with amazing designs by mixing and matching colors, textures and prints with bedding sets alone. But if you feel it is not your cup of tea, we suggest getting the complete sets. Bed in a bag offering comes with a comforter set, duvet cover, flat sheet, one duvet filling, two shams and pillowcases. With this set, you can add instant charm and a cozy feel to your room. As everything already comes with a theme, it will enhance the look of the bedroom without you having to do much of an effort. 

Bed Throws and Bed Cushions for Added Comfort and a Cozy Feel

Add the finishing touch with bed throws and more cushions. Throws not only look cozy, but you can also curl up in them with your hot cup of coffee and relax. Very often throws are used to add a pop of color or texture. As for cushions, the more on the bed, the more inviting it looks. And you can find cushion covers in different cute shapes and sizes that give a luxurious look and add warmth to the room. 

In the winters, quilt covers can do the same job. Not only do they keep you warm and cozy, but work as a design element in the overall scheme of the room. You can find quilt cover sets that can go with any theme or mood, so make sure to explore all options before buying one for your room.

Kids bedding

Create a fun and cozy space for your kid by selecting super comfortable and quality beddings that come with refreshing themes. Find complete bedding sets with their favorite cartoon characters, animal or jungle themes, robot and space themes for boys, and butterflies, florals and unicorn themes for girls. These cute beddings can transform their room into a fun place and your kids will love it too. Make their rooms extra special so they enjoy their sleep time on their favorite sheets and have the sweetest dreams.

Some Additions for Your Washroom

You can always add some nice touches to your washrooms by adding nice luxury towels, bath mats and accessories like these. Keep sets of towels for different uses; they will be convenient for everyday use. Make sure they are absorbent, soft and thick. You can keep sets consisting of hand towels, face towels, bath towels in different colors to fit with your washroom theme.


Kitchen Decoration

Kitchen is where the family gets together for meals, so make some effort on its decor as well; and it is not that tough. Foremost, the table is the most important item in the kitchen so decorate it with classic table linen that boasts of quality and adds class to any table.

Go for materials that not only look good, but can withstand spills and are easy to care for.  Other than a tablecloth, you can also opt for a table runner. For festive meals, go for fancy runners. These can make the table look more welcoming and elevate your dining experience. Add classy kitchen linen, matching placemats or napkins to give your dining-room a pulled-together look. For added distinction, mix and match patterns and create your style. A flower arrangement in the center will be the final touch for a great meal and a lovely table.


We hope this buying guide will help you create your stylish custom home without breaking the bank. With modern luxury home decor items, you can add a contemporary touch for a more updated feel and with traditional decor you can create a vintage look. The choice is yours. So go ahead and style your home the way you want it.