Do you read in UAE colleges and universities and are ready to appear in an online exam? Before appearing in the exam you should take knowledge of our exam type. These will help you to improve your confidence level.

Here some types of exam for UAE college / University level of student:

Take home assessment Exam: Take home assessment is required  for students to complete their task and work within a given time limit while working off campus. An electronic route can be used for electronic feedback and return of grades. It requires an awareness of various factors including responsibilities at home, part time employment with consideration of other submission.An advantage of take home assessment , when submissions are based on an electronically and word format then, these will be more legible to hand-written scripts.

List of challenges of take home assessment faced by every student-

  • Students need to provide their own working premises and computer.
  • While giving online take home assessment carry increased the risk of unauthorized collaboration between many students.

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