Taking care of wooden furniture is very important during the rainy season. Experts say that the corners of the furniture, its lower and rear parts must be cleaned at least once a month, especially during the monsoon.

  • Keep your wooden furniture away from doors, windows, so that it cannot come in contact with rainwater or leakage. You can also follow these tips with rattan garden furniture
  • The polishing of furniture also makes it strong, shiny, and durable, so always apply a coat of lacquer or varnish every two years, so that the pores or small holes can be filled and it will last longer. Lacquer Spray for Small Furniture Easy to use, available at the nearest hardware store.
  • Place a washer under the leg to prevent the furniture leg from coming into contact with floor moisture.
  • Keep the house clean, which will ensure the right level of humidity in the house, which is conducive to wooden furniture. Air conditioners can also prove to be helpful, as they prevent the rise in humidity levels by keeping the air fresh and the house cool.
  • Do not use a wet cloth to clean wooden furniture, but use a clean, dry cloth.
  • During monsoon, wooden furniture swells due to moisture, making it difficult to open and close the drawers. This can be prevented by oiling or waxing the furniture. Try spray-on wax for a great finish.
  • Avoid starting home repair or beautification work during monsoon. The humidity level is high during this time. In such a situation, painting or polishing will not give good results and it may spoil your wooden furniture.
  • Camphor or naphthalene balls absorb moisture well. They protect clothes as well as wardrobes from termites and other insects. Neem leaves and cloves can also be used for this purpose.