There is no better way to uncover Malaga’s hidden treasures than to walk through them. To explore Malaga from in and out, from its significant historical landmarks, exceptional natural beauty to colourful streets and vibrant beach bars, choose Walking Tour to Malaga from Malaga Private Tours.  Our tour package includes all the main highlights where you will be taken by the pro-licensed tour guide for a better understanding of the place in terms of its culture, art, and much more.  A visit to Malaga is a combination of a sunny coastline with an interesting urban lifestyle. Enjoy discovering one of a kind museums and boutiques, amazing architectures and the happening lifestyle that Spanish people are known for. Given below is a precise list of attractions that you can add to your itinerary to make the most out of your visit: 

Malaga Cathedral: your tour is incomplete if you miss visiting the Roman Catholic religion that is the essence of its culture. The cathedral in Malaga offers enchantingly beautiful stonework, inside and out. 

Alcazaba: this place is known for its phenomenal historical significance. An Arabic defensive castle with breathtaking views of the city and the harbor- an ideal place to capture panoramic photos for unforgettable memories.  

Picasso Museum: this intriguing building is a seamless amalgamation of history and modern architecture while the items kept inside are truly a remarkable example of Picasso’s work, in the city he took birth. 

Costa del Sol: when your feet need to rest, come to this popular sunshine coast and spend calm and relaxing time. The weather and the sandy beaches are the main focal points. 

Mijas village: this is one of the most beautiful places in Malaga. With its white-washed houses in the Andalusian traditional corner, this place offers solitude and peace like nowhere else. 

Ronda: take a peaceful walking tour through the historic city of Ronda and get up close with the little palaces, their charming facades, their old patios and more. This place is a mark of an old Andalusian noble town. 

Hence, choose Walking Tour to Malaga with the most experienced Private Tour Guides and create amazing memories in the incredible city of Malaga and its surroundings only with Malaga Private Tours.