Soaps are one of the essential products we use in our daily lives. They help us maintain our hygiene and play a vital role in our self-care routines. So, whenever customers walk into a retail store, they see numerous types of soaps manufactured by different brands. This makes the decision difficult for customers. Hence, people mostly rely on the packaging to decide whether they should purchase the soaps or not. Therefore, it is essential to use attractive and impressive boxes for our soaps. This will make your soaps more prominent and catch the customers’ attention. So, read these excellent tips to find out how you can design irresistible soap boxes as well.

Utilize the best materials available

Soaps can be easily damaged by moisture or humidity. Therefore, it is vital to use a material that keeps the soaps away from moisture. Moreover, strong material will also help you make firm boxes. Thus, it will help maintain the shape of the soaps and give them a longer shelf-life. However, using the best materials does not mean you have to spend a lot of money. Packaging companies offer various materials at economical rates for soap boxes.

Cardstock is an excellent example of such material. It is thick, so it keeps the soaps free from moisture. Moreover, it is readily available; thus, it is available at an affordable price as well.

In addition to this, you can also use rigid material for the soap boxes packaging. This material is thicker than cardstock and resilient as well. Thus, it can be used for creating sturdy boxes to protect the soaps. Moreover, it can be used for any boxes you want to use

Play your role in preserving the environment

The current terrible condition of our environment has led everyone to reconsider their daily actions and choices. Therefore, people have now shifted towards eco-friendly options for most of their needs; this includes packaging as well. Therefore, the packaging industry also offers environment-friendly substitutes to cater to the customers’ needs.

To make eco-friendly soap boxes wholesale, you can choose kraft material. This material has many qualities that make it safe for the environment. For instance, it is environment-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable as well. Moreover, it is also durable and suitable for keeping the soaps safe. So, you can use kraft soap boxes packaging for handmade soap to impress customers and give your business a boost. Furthermore, customers will be able to use your soaps without worrying about the environment.

Select an apt style for the boxes

Choosing the right design is an important step. It is vital to select a design that is not only attractive but easy to use as well. This is because it may frustrate customers if your boxes are not easy to open or use. However, there are several designs available at packaging companies to make this decision easier for you. Moreover, these designs can be customized in various ways, as well. The most commonly used styles for soap packaging boxes are:

• Tuck-end boxes.

• Sleeve boxes.

• Window boxes.

• Two-piece boxes.

• Seal-end boxes.

You can also choose any coating you prefer for the boxes as well. However, it is vital to pick a coating that goes with the rest of the designs. The two available option are:

• Gloss coating: It is used to give the boxes a soft and shiny look. Moreover, it makes the boxes firmer due to its extra layers.

• Matte coating: It is suitable to use if you want the boxes to have a dull and matte finish.

• Spot UV: This coating can be used to give both matte and gloss effects to the kraft soap boxes.

Create distinguishable packaging

Using distinctive packaging is crucial if you want to grab the customers’ eyes. Such packaging will make your products more prominent against all the other soap brands. Therefore, you can use customizable printing to add some unique patterns or pictures to make the design better. Furthermore, you can also include the soaps’ special properties on the cardboard soap boxes for soap packaging. So, when the customers read the boxes, they will be intrigued to try your soaps. In addition to this, you can also print your logo and brand name on the boxes.

To make the printing complement the boxes’ design, you can select suitable font styles and colors as well. Additionally, you can also get your desired results by using a printing technique of your choice. You can choose from the following techniques for kraft soap boxes wholesale:

• Digital printing.

• Flexography printing.

• Offset printing.

Make your decision carefully 

The company you pick can have a significant impact on the results you get. This is because the packaging company is responsible for turning your designs and ideas into fantastic custom soap boxes. Therefore, it is crucial to make this decision carefully. Furthermore, it is vital to keep essential points in mind while choosing a packaging company. These points may include the services and facilities available, prices and delivery charges, etc. After considering all these points, you can select the most suitable company. Afterward, you can go ahead and order your wholesale soap boxes.

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