Credit cards are a convenient method of paying a colossal amount of money on an urgent basis without worrying about the hassle of paperwork for a loan. The cardholder can easily take a loan anytime from anywhere and pay the amount later along with some extra charges that they agree on while issuing the same.

Credit cards come with a bag full of advantages. One doesn’t need to worry about the rigorous process of applying for a loan and waiting for it to be approved or worry about payment when they don’t have cash or use it in a critical crisis. Some of the shops or sellers of malls or other service providers give offers on the usage of credit cards and thus, it can help in earning bonuses.

While applying for a credit card, all the gains and losses have to be taken under consideration for us to not regret the decision later on. The cardholder would definitely want to compare the services and interests of various companies to reach a final decision.

The list below tells about the 5 most popular credit card companies.


Name of the card: HDFC titanium times card

Joining fee: Rs 500

Annual fee: Rs 500


  • The smart EMI option is available so that you need not worry about repaying a lump sum amount as one-time pressure.
  • The interest-free period of HDFC Credit Card is up to 50 days.
  • The minimum repayment amount is 5% or a minimum of Rs.200.
  • Cash advance limit is given as 40% of the Credit Limit.
  • You can avail exclusive offers while shopping using SmartBuy cards.
  • You get additional offers and rewards for using HDFC Credit Card.
  • You can even take a loan against your credit card limit in the time of emergency or financial crisis. You can enjoy the lowest interest rates in the market with no lengthy documentation processes.


Name of the card: ICICI Bank Platinum Chip Credit Card 

Joining fee: Nil

Annual fee: Nil


  • ICICI Credit card is used to redeem on the purchase of movie and travel vouchers.
  • It is suitable for lifestyle expenses and shopping.
  • It provides paybacks points and special offers on each use.
  • This ICICI Credit card is best suitable for online shopping and regular expenses, many other cards are available for another type of requirements.

SBI Bank

Name of the card: Shaurya Select Sbi Card

Joining fee: nill

Annual fee: Rs 1499


  • It is best Suitable for travel, Shopping, Cashback, LifeStyle and Low fees.
  • Primary cardholder’s clients get 8 complimentary visits on domestic airport lounges per year and can have a maximum of 2 per quarter.
  • They are also providing 24*7 assistant facility on staying in touch with cards.
  • You can avail EMI balance transfer facility with lower interest rates.


Name of the card: Citi Cashback Credit Card

Joining fee: nil

Annual fee: Rs 500


  • You get dining privileges and benefits by saving up to 15% across many restaurants. 
  • You also get exciting offers from many leading brands while shopping across all the categories by using Citi Credit card.
  • You can avail EMI privileges by opting for easy EMI options saving you from big expenditures at single payment which is currently available at more than 2,000 consumer electronics and mobile phone outlets, across all over India by retailers and e-retailers.
  • You ou can get Instant Loan facilities according to your requirements.


Name of the card: Axis Bank FreeCharge Credit Card

Joining fee: Rs. 250 + Applicable Taxes

Annual fee: Rs. 250 + Applicable Taxes


    • There is no need to carry the card. You can get an Axis Bank mobile app and use the function “View Card Details” to instantly view your card.
    • It gives easy and instant access to cash while on the go.
    • Minimum due amount is 5% of the amount due.
    • Share rate on EMI is 1.5% processing fee per month.


  • Late payment fees on the card are nil for total payment up to Rs. 100 and Rs. 100 if the total payment due is between Rs 101 to Rs 300.


  • You can get the seamless experience of hassle-free transactions. 
  • You can get 50 days of credit period, which is accepted in all e-commerce platforms.
  • You can get digital credit cards on the free charge app.

There are various banks all over the country, but the above-mentioned banks are providing the best credit card services with lowest interests.