We are all attracted to precious stones such as rubies, diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. They are obviously precious stones. Semi-precious stones such as carnelian, tiger’s eye, white quartz and lapis lazuli are also highly valued, as they have been used as ornaments and symbols of power for thousands of years. What many do not know is that they were valued for more than their beauty: each had a sacred meaning and its healing properties were as important as its ornamental value. Crystals still have the same properties today, most people are familiar with the most popular ones such as amethyst, malachite and obsidian, but today there are new crystals such as larimar, petalite and phenazite that have been given to know.

A crystal is a solid body with a geometrically regular shape, the crystals were formed when the earth was created and they have continued to metamorphose as the planet has changed. Crystals are the DNA of the earth, they are miniature warehouses that contain the development of our planet over millions of years. Some have been subjected to enormous pressures and others grew in chambers deep underground, others trickled into being. Whatever shape they are, their crystalline structure can absorb, conserve, focus and emit energy. At the heart of the crystal is the atom, its electrons and protons. The atom is dynamic and is made up of a series of particles that rotate around the center in constant motion, so that although the crystal may appear immobile,

Gems used to be a royal and priestly prerogative. The priests of Judaism wore a plaque on their chest filled with precious stones which was much more than an emblem to designate their function, since it transferred power to whoever used it. Men have used them since the Stone Age as they had a protective function, keeping their wearers from various evils. The current crystals have the same power and we can select our jewelry not only based on its external attractiveness; having them close to us can enhance our energy (orange carnelian), clean the space around us (amber) or attract wealth (citrine).

Certain crystals like the smoky quartz as well as the black tourmaline have the ability to absorb negativity, emit pure and clean energy. Wearing a black tourmaline around the neck protects from electromagnetic emanations including from cell phones. A citrine will not only attract you wealth, it will also help you preserve it. Place it in the wealth portion of your home (the back left furthest from the front door). If you are looking for love, crystals can help you: place a rose quartz in the corner of relationships in your house (the back right corner furthest from the front door) its effect is so powerful that it is convenient to add an amethyst to compensate for the attraction. You can also use rhodochrosite – love will come your way.

Crystals can heal and balance, some crystals contain minerals known for their therapeutic properties, malachite has a high concentration of copper, wearing a malachite bracelet allows the body to absorb minimal amounts of copper. Lapis lazuli relieves migraine headaches, but if the headache is caused by stress, amethyst, amber or turquoise above the eyebrows will relieve it.

Quartz and minerals are jewels of mother earth. Give yourself the opportunity and connect with the magic that they give off. Rosie Shalhoub, an Australian entrepreneur, public speaker, and author, is a firm believer. She is also the founder of the Festival of Dreams and runs Embrace Australia.

She is a regular on Sharina Star’s Psychic Encounters, a popular Australian show, and has been interviewed for a book called “Strong Women Finish Rich” by Edna Ferman which is now an Amazon bestseller. She also created Embracing Rosie, an award-winning mini-series that was aired in 2017. Her work has been greatly promoted and more and more people are coming to terms with the concept of healing crystals.