Anal isn’t just not taboo anymore— it’s virtually the talk of the town, with sex toys and tushy porn to prove it.

At one point, millennials were touted as being the patron saints of bummery. Bringing back the butt and really embracing the Tushy Free from fear and stigma, butt stuff definitely came into its own by the mid-2000s, with a myriad of dedicated porn channels, perfectly sculpted anal toys, and enough “how-to” articles to easily compile a thesis. In fact, entire theses have been dedicated to the practice.


While anal is a fun, sexy, and exceptionally erotic act to add to your repertoire, it’s probably not something that you should just jump into, no matter how many anal minded porn scenes you’ve seen. Because if you really want to pull off some fantastic anal with your partner, you’ll both need to be just as relaxed about it as society has become.

A Little Less Anal

For years, anal was seen as the red-headed stepchild of sexual proclivities. Unfortunately, correlated with some pretty shady stereotypes, and something that just wasn’t really accepted as the sensual art that it is. Luckily, thanks largely to a better understanding of both physiology and sexuality— and a big help from forward-thinking porn— the tushy has been set free. Becoming the greatest thing since missionary. Anal sex is great for people of all genders and sexualities, serving to stimulate some otherwise hard to hit erogenous zones.


The bum has become so beloved, in fact, that entire genres of porn are dedicated solely to its glory. With anal sex being one of the top searched for terms within the porn world. Which is great, because porn can actually give you a couple of excellent ideas when it comes to just how sexy butt stuff can be.

How to Do It Like a Pro

Checking out some sweet tushy porn can definitely give you some sultry ideas when it comes to the capabilities of the position— what it absolutely does not adequately portray is the sheer amount of anal training your tush needs to go pro. Anal is definitely something that you, your bum, and your bedroom accessories need to be prepared for. Mostly because of the way the anus behaves in its natural habitat. Because it’s a sphincter, it functions quite a bit differently from your other holes. It low-key means that you’ll need to start small and have lots (and LOTS) of lube on hand.


Getting the right sex toys can definitely be a huge help in training your body for the butt-lympics. This means sticking to the toys that are designed exclusively for anal play. Why is this important, you ask? Well, good anal toys are shaped correctly and made of the right material, which sounds pretty vague, but are two wildly important attributes of the right anal toys. As far as shape goes, they shouldn’t come with sharp edges— except for the base, which ALL great anal toys have. This wide, flared base allows you to explore your assly delights, without your toy going exploring on its own.


Materials are super important when it comes to butt play. Anything porous is difficult to sanitize and usually doesn’t play nice with lube— which makes it an automatic no-go. However, if you are stuck with a porous or semi-porous butt toy, just slip it into a condom before you play with it. It’s also important to stay away from materials that could cause irritation or even toxic (yikes!) issues. Multiple sizes are always a plus, as you can then dial up your pleasure accordingly.