Beach destination weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years. Almost everyone dreams of getting married in an atmosphere where the sound of waves creates that aura, where the breath-taking sunset witnessed the union of two people. Another beauty of a beach destination wedding is that the closest friends and family members are present and this makes the entire event a semi-vacation. Rental condos in Port Aransas have attractive wedding packages and onsite wedding planners who help the couples celebrate the wedding of their dreams!

Port Aransas is a popular location for beach destination weddings. With so many things to do here and amazing food, the popularity of this place keeps increasing. That is why; we have created this guide for you for a memorable beach destination wedding.


A well-constructed budget is key to ensure that all your ideas of a grand beach wedding come to fruition. One of the first things that you and your partner need to do is setting up a budget. Vacation Rentals in Port Aransas have beach wedding packages that will take a lot of guesswork out of the planning. These rentals will be a perfect option if you are saying “I do” on a beach as it will help you in mapping out your spending accordingly.

Beach weddings are monumentally less expensive than venues. For conducting a beach wedding, all you need is a city permit that ranges from $100 to $250 approximately. You can then get creative with your decor and other Knick knacks like audio, chairs, tables, generators, etc., to figure out what suits you and plan your budget accordingly.

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Date and Time 

If it is a sunset ceremony or exchanging vows early in the morning, it is important to keep a track of the weather and what the sun will be like on your chosen wedding date. Along with the sunset, it is also important to look out for the tides and what time will be the high tide on your chosen beach spot. We recommend that you place your altar in close proximity to the beach but far enough from any high tide. This way, you will not have to worry about the water getting too close. Additionally, the Mayan Princess beach resort has the most attractive spots and scenic views. So, you can choose the spot of your liking and get your altar set up.

Create a backup plan for your big day 

No matter you bang your head on the wall to perfect out your plan A, there may be a few things that will not go as planned on your big day. So, to ensure that everything works out well and goes smoothly, iron out a plan B with your wedding planner, even a plan C if possible! Beyond that, it is important that you communicate those details to your officiant, your wedding planner, and all the other vendors in addition to all those involved in the planning process.

Test out all the A/V equipment before the wedding so that you have sufficient time to fix any issues that may arise. Testing the mic, audio, and generators the day before. Some Bluetooth items do not have a strong signal on the beach and won’t sync. Hence, it is wise to check everything beforehand.


Right from welcome amenities to wedding favors, your loved ones will always appreciate a tiny token of affection throughout your day. But, when it comes to asking your family and friends to sit on the hot beach son for your nuptials, the guest experience should be considered and special attention must be paid to how you can make their day enjoyable too – on your wedding day and even after that. On your wedding day, drop welcome bags filled with sunscreen and luxe towels. Post your wedding, you can plan out fun things to do during their stay in Port Aransas. You can check out the list of things to do in Port Aransas here. Small details like these will turn their trip into a restful getaway along with seeing you wed.

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Decor and Rental tips 

Decor process in the beachside wedding seems to be an involving process as compared to other locations. You need to select a color for the theme, palette, and other such arrangements. Here, the only bottom canvas you have is sand; the rest is a completely blank slate. Generators and lightings are the two biggest things that your venue will not provide, so you need to pay special attention to them. Even though your guest count will be small, you must have a microphone for the guests to hear the outdoor ceremony over the sound of waves and generators that will supply the needed power.

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Once the logistical side is all sorted, you can get creative with the décor. If you can DIY it, then go ahead. If not, then there are plenty of wedding planners that have beautiful themes and attractive packages for you to choose from. If you opt for the DIY route, nature will be your best mate. Seashells, driftwood, and starfish will be your centerpieces. To design the aisle, get creative with floral. Our pro tip is to avoid any sort of confetti or balloon decor near the exit. It is harmful to the environment and you may have to pay penalties in most places.

Permit Consideration 

Most standard venues handle the permit paperwork, but if you plan on getting married on a public beach, then you need to put in some extra legwork to make sure that your location is legally squared. Even if you choose a private beach, city ordinances and other permits will be involved. For the initial step, spend sufficient time surfing on the web to see the local government rules and guidelines. If you find them unclear, have a word with your wedding planner for more information on the same.


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White sand can be picturesque, but nobody will like it on their food or the wedding cake. For a beachside wedding, you must work with a catering company or avail dining services available  in Port Aransas. They will surely have extensive experience in offsite catering and must have worked on the beach before. You can enquire about the catering tasting services and what kind of equipment will they bring to your wedding. Special attention should be paid to the food. After all, a happy tummy means happy guest.

The Bottom line 

Port Aransas is the perfect spot to exchange vows with your significant other. Tie the knots in the lap of nature and the paradise of the sandy beaches here. This destination is not only perfect for weddings, but also honeymoon as an extended trip with your partner.  When you are on the hunt for rental condos in Port Aransas, The Mayan Princess Beach Resort is absolutely perfect for your wedding.