Choosing the right and best perfumes every year has been a deeply personal choice. There are several factors based on which we decided the scent we love.

If you are thinking of changing your perfumes this year, it’s the best time. Below have chosen some loving and long-lasting aromas for you. All these are selected based on our customer’s experience with us.

Oud Miracle – 

Oud Miracle is one of the registered trademark brands for oud, the natural miracle fragrance obtained from the black gold of the forest. Form Oud Miracle you can have different varieties like below –

Oud Miracle Dehn Oud – 

Oud Miracle Dehn Oud is natural by the Dehn oud concept, giving you a passionate feeling and a heavenly addictiveness to nature’s miracle. You must wear Dehn Oud Miracle once to check its miracle.

Oud Miracle Rose Taif

Oud Miracle Rose Taif is made by infusing enamor rose with natural miracle oud. It gives you the sign of peace and romance. Wear Oud and Taif Rose in once.

EAU DE Perfumes – 

EAU DE Perfumes are high scented and long-lasting perfume sprays made with a higher percentage of perfumes to use sustainable ambrosial results.

Some of the collections from EAU DE Perfumes are as below:

  • Dehn Oud Suyufi Cambodia Unisex
  • Dehn Oud Suyufi Hind
  • Oud 5 Unisex
  • Oud Aura Pour Homme
  • Oud Couture Pour Femme
  • Oud Marquise Pour Femme

Base Perfumes – 

Our collection of base perfumes is the unique blends of long-lasting primary scents; all are non-alcoholic and fully concentrated, made for sustainable fragrance results.

Some of the collections in Base Perfumes are:

  • Dehn Oud Gold
  • Dehn Oud Platinum
  • Elite Platinum Pour Homme
  • HOBBI Pour Homme
  • Oud Amethyst Unisex

Mabsoos Or Bakhoor – 

The Natural Oud blended incense, also known as Mabsoos, bakhoor, Oud Muatter Dukhun Ma’amul, etc. These were traditionally used by the Arab and widely used by non-Arabs as well.

These are specially made for home purposes to hide the smell of cooking coming from our clothes.