The method of cleaning the split air conditioner is an air conditioning cleaning company, air conditioners have become an integral part of our daily life so that none of us can abandon them in one way or another, especially in light of the extremely hot weather in summer and very cold in winter, due to its desert nature and dryness, which affects Negatively on the health of people in both cases, an air conditioning washing company in Riyadh, where high temperatures lead to dehydration and high blood pressure, while a sharp drop in temperature leads to blood clots or cardiac arrest, so we find great competition between technology companies in the production of several types of air conditioners , depending on the size of the place, we find central air conditioning and we find types of split, deserts, windows, portable and many others, but whatever their type, everyone agrees on the need for cleaning and sterilization to maintain it and prolong the service life for the longest possible period and also to keep it running as efficiently as the first time the device was purchased, and it is clear It is a job that needs specialists and technicians with long experience in this field, and they have advanced and modern cleaning and sterilization services. Equipment and devices, as well as the use of effective cleaning and sterilization materials, in the air conditioning cleaning company, because it provides the best services with the highest quality and the cheapest prices. The air conditioner: · In the first phase, the team first disconnects the electrical current from the site and then ensures that the construction joints are protected by placing a plastic wrap over them. Technicians remove the outer cover of the air conditioner, then open the indoor units, remove the filters and clean them under running water Once the indoor unit has finished the cleaning and sterilization process and make sure it is dry, it is scented with imported fragrant substances with extended release, which exudes a pleasant scent immediately Employment. Finally, the work team cleans and sterilizes the parts of the outdoor unit from dust and dirt. Advantages of an air conditioning cleaning company When deciding to hire an air conditioning cleaning company, do not be deceived by false advertisements and fake discounts. Instead, you have to be patient in your choice, and ask those around you about the best reliable and responsible companies, and of course you will not find a better air conditioner cleaning company that does the job, they are the most trusted and responsible company ever. Given the real benefits that it offers without competition in competing companies all over the Kingdom, we remind you of some of them as follows: Honesty and professionalism: because we have a team characterized by honesty and experience at work, and a high degree of trust and honesty, with the testimony of everyone . Speed ​​in performing work: We rely on the best modern and advanced equipment and devices that help to carry out cleaning work as quickly as possible, with the highest quality and accuracy. Active materials: As the air conditioning cleaning company relies on importing detergents and sterilizers, which were very effective, while maintaining a high level of health safety for adults and children The cheapest prices: an air conditioning cleaning company provides the best services at the lowest prices in the market and cleaning companies in addition to special offers Attractive discounts throughout the year as well as new and diminishing customers. · Original spare parts: The company supplies all original spare parts for different types of air conditioners and also provides periodic maintenance at very reasonable prices. You can contact an air conditioning cleaning company at any time, 24 hours a day, or through the support service of the wonderful Saudi Home Services Company