The combination of decorative resources in the interiors must be perfectly studied like in this post from forsimplytech . Many times we are lacking in ideas and we do not know how to coordinate the different elements. On this occasion, we are going to know the relationship between green and wood.

One aspect to avoid are chromatic dissonances. When aesthetic tension occurs in the environment, it is due to the lack of order and harmony in the choice of tones. If there is no harmony between them, then we will show our lack of rigor in decoration.

It is essential that materials, shapes and colors are consistent . Only in this way will we achieve perfect harmony and, consequently, the well-being that we so desire. Deep down, there is nothing better than being proud of the home where we reside.

Why are green and wood related so well?

Decorate with green water.

A first aspect to take into account is that the relationship between green and wood is produced by the tonal difference. Not that there is an exaggerated distance between the two, but they correspond to each other. Obviously, they will depend on the degree of intensity and the visual strength they offer.

We are talking about two tones that are completely separated, one is cold and the other is warm . Not that there is an overly exaggerated distinction; however, there is evidence in the aesthetic differentiation of both.

On the other hand, it should be noted that they evoke nature. It is a faithful reflection of the plant world, both for the green of the leaves and for the wood. In this way, we are introducing a country factor in the interior that is very appropriate for children’s and adult bedrooms .

Two shades that fit very well in styles such as rustic.

4 ways to relate the color green and wood

Yellow and green space.

When relating the two resources, we must be very clear about the different possible formulations. The first thing is that we know what we want to do, how we can proceed and in what sense we can work this combination at home .

  1. A wooden dining table next to green chairs offers a rather curious aspect; in fact, it is not usual to find this approach. Therefore, if you want to apply a younger decorative concept, this is a good option.
  2. The parquet floor with a large green carpet reminds us of the earth and the grass of the field itself. In the living room or bedroom, it would look great, being pleasing to the eye and providing a sense of stability.
  3. Also, there is the possibility of having this color on the cushions of a neutral gray sofa. Next to it, a side table can be arranged that counteracts and generates warmth. Thus, the balancing effect is achieved .
  4. The curtains and the wooden window frame itself are considered two components that are directly linked. If, incidentally, they come together in a chromatic harmony , then the correlation of materials and colors is achieved .

The relationship between walls and furniture

Decorate with emerald green

The walls of the home are configured as an appropriate support to work the color green. We have variants such as mint , bottle, pistachio, olive, clover, dark ranges, etc. Depending on the impression we want, this will be the intensity and the sensation we perceive.

The surround effect is a reality; For this reason, if you do not want such a recharged atmosphere, you can alternate with white. So that there is no dominance of this cold tone, the contrast with the wood is needed, which provides a warm and calm touch.

Thus, brown furniture can perfectly match green walls. A naturalistic and country character is achieved , very appropriate for a rustic-style bathroom .

The garden, the perfect setting

Green color and wood
Photo by Torsten Dettlaff from Pexels

Without a doubt, it is in the garden where green can be most relevant. Through the grass, plants, trees and flowers the enclosure can be naturalized . On the other hand, it is convenient to incorporate wood furniture and resources in order to get a rest space .

In short, with the combination of both resources we can find different aesthetic possibilities and achieve a degree of chromatic coherence.