Anxiety tends to exhaust one mentally and have real negative impact on their body. But before getting all worked up about being anxious, please know that multiple researches have shown mindfulness can alleviate stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness could be defined as the process of paying attention to everyday life and things people generally rushes through. It is about turning the volume in the mind down by returning to body.

Do not worry! One does not have to spend money on an hour class or distort their body into challenging positions. They probably already have the tools to practice mindfulness. Utilize the tricks mentioned below to incorporate little bursts of it all through the day and ease anxiety.

Have an Intention

The experts providing online mindfulness classes said having an intention can let one focus as well as remind them why they are doing something. If a task triggers anxiety like giving a presentation at work, please do set an intention. For instance, one can set intention to care for their body before visiting the gym or treating their body kindly prior to eating.

Color or Doodle

Keep aside a couple of minutes to color or doodle. Get all those creative juices flowing and let the mind take a break. No matter if one has grown up, they can still invest in a coloring book. They will have the advantage of accomplishing something without facing the blank page.

Take a Walk

Staying outside can cure anxiety in a seamless manner. Pay attention to sounds all around, the feel of the breeze against the skin, and the smells. One must do their best to stay in the present moment by focusing on the environment and their senses. Start with a little jaunt around the locality.

Leave the Phone Behind

Leave the phone behind at times. Rather than obsessing about it, one must sit and breathe before they suppose start eating, walk to the other room, go to the bathroom, etc. The phone will still be there after they are done.

Concentrate on One Thing

The to-do list can also be a mindfulness technique if one does it right. Set a timer for three minutes and give a single task complete and undivided attention. No checking the phone, no online browsing, no clicking the notifications. Let one task take the center stage until that timer goes off.

Log Out of Social Media Accounts

While social media has its pros, it can unfortunately contribute to anxiety and interrupt the productivity. The people will be amazed to find out how frequently they check Facebook or Instagram without thinking. So just log out! Being forced to type in the password again will stop or slow one down.


The experts offering the best online mindfulness classes said there is no correct or incorrect way to journal. From scribbling down the thoughts on a piece of paper to using a structured journal, the act of putting the pen to paper can tame one’s swirling thoughts and soothe their mind. Try the gratitude journal or simply chalk down three things that one feels grateful for.

Every tiny bit of mindfulness is beneficial. Just be consistent. Practicing the tips stated above on a daily basis can calm the mind, and help one move past the undesirable emotions successfully.