Top most exclusive, new and excellent business centers in Berlin


It is not an exaggeration to say that Berlin as an office location will bring success to your business. Let’s explore the best business centers in Berlin


The foundation of your company culture starts with a healthy work environment and the choice of the business center. Mistakes with choosing the right business location can easily be made, but not in case this location is Berlin. The German capital city has 182.214 companies on its territory, and, thus, is at the sixth position of the German region having the highest number of companies on its territory in 2017 (Statistisches Bundesamt, 2020). The region has also the fifth-highest share of small and medium enterprises, with 99.65 per cent in the country. In numbers, there are 181.581 small and medium enterprises against 633 companies with more than 250 employees (Statistisches Bundesamt, 2020).


Berlin is now considered an international business hub, attracting talent and companies from around the world, offering them a high standard of living, access to a rapidly growing business community and various clusters, including educational and research ones, excellent recruitment opportunities, and many other perks essential in the process of running a business. The prestigious city location has drawn a number of large companies among which Deutsche Bahn, Siemens, Daimler, Pfizer, Sony and Vattenfall to establish corporate headquarters in the region (Germany Trade & Invest, 2019). In proportion to its surface, the city is the most business-dense area in the country. 


An ever-growing demand for top-notch office space in Berlin results in a decrease in vacancy rates here and often makes tenants look for flexible and affordable workspace solutions. Still, a commercial real estate office in Berlin is not simply a place to house your team, it definitely should be a competitive advantage. And this advantage is higher if you choose a top-notch luxury business center in Berlin.


The most excellent business centers in Berlin | Outlook


It is a complete understatement to say that the following Berlin’s office solutions are cool. They are some of the most impressive the German capital city has ever had. Innovative design features, an imaginative furniture layout, creative decor make the use of the office space rather creative and offices in Berlin, in general, some of the best in Europe. If you are in search of the top Berlin’s office rental solutions, the following information can be very much useful.



  • Cube Berlin



This office building has been designed as an art installation. It reflects Berlin’s creative spirit and provides the next generation of smart office solutions. Characterised by an internally folded glass façade, the site is a striking 11-storey office building on Washingtonplatz. Cube Berlin was designed by the Danish architects 3XN. It measures a height and depth of 42.5 metres. The building combines innovatory office technologies with sustainability and comfort. The facility was completed on the 31st of March, 2020. Thus, it is the first office built specifically to support 21st Century workplace trends with multi-tenant occupancy, cross-organisational communication, shared facilities, activity-based workstations, and vibrant office layouts. It is also going to be one of the smartest buildings in Europe.



  • Zoofenster



At just about 119 m, the Zoofenster is one of Berlin’s tallest towers. And yet it is not a typical high-rise building. On the contrary, it is a complex, which consists of a 22-storeyed block and 32-storeyed tower that rise above a lower block that occupies the entire plot and reflects the height and lines of the neighbouring six-storey buildings. The Zoofenster development reflects the current shift in Berlin’s urban planning strategy towards an individual, unmistakable urban architecture: contrary to the original plans for a glass tower in the prevailing global fashion, the Zoofenster is clad in stone. The design for the high-rise is based on the concept of vertical mixed-use. The 32-storey building houses commercial use, a luxury-class hotel and flexible office space. The project was designed by Prof. Christoph Mäckler Architekten.



  • Truman Plaza



   Designed by Wiel Arets Architects (WAA), The Truman Plaza includes offices, retail, sports, and health facilities, which together form a perfect urban setting around a central plaza within a greenish borough on the edge of Berlin. The project was completed in 2013 and now features 19.882 m2 of space. The Truman Plaza, together with the neighbouring Clayallee, is part of a larger master plan, aimed at balancing the urban context with the integration of a delicate onsite forest. So, if you intend to set up a business in proximity to nature – this site may be a perfect solution.

The list of upscale office spaces in this dynamic business hub can easily be prolonged. It should not be too difficult to find a temporary office in Berlin, as well as the one for a long-term occupation. Large or small office rental in Berlin, flexible or core units are all at your disposal. By choosing this city, quite possibly, you will find the workspace you have dreamt of. Berlin is full of first-class workspaces at top business locations – Berlin Mitte, Lichtenberg, Neukölln, Reinickendorf, Steglitz – Zehlendorf, and many others. Thanks to its diverse and vibrant office space offering Berling is often regarded as a workplace capital of Europe.