An SEO core concept in the recent past relates to the usage of keyword-related search, optimizing on-site content, and link building. These elements are still crucial, however, their importance has significantly declined with marketers concentrating more on creating quality content and using SEO Marketing Hamburg as part of their strategy. This short blog from an expert SEO consultant in Germany will discuss in depth the main SEO elements that are still relevant to your content marketing strategy.

Change Your Focus Point From Individual Keywords To User Intent & Semantic Searches

Rather than using set keywords, figure out what your visitors would be asking and use that to your advantage. Google has set out new algorithms that detect the quality of content not just based on the keywords but relevance to the search query. Ensure your blogs have substantial content related to the subject of discussion in order to gain authority.

Have A Mobile Content Marketing Strategy

Statistics indicate that close to 60% of all consumers use their mobile phones to make any purchase decision. Your content on either your website or app should be responsive to mobile phones. Your developer should be keen to ensure that all the content is mobile responsive not just certain pages on your website.

Build Relationships

Having a great SEO strategy is no longer enough to have a successful marketing campaign. There is a paradigm shift from the old practice of using keyword-rich content and technical strategies into relationship-based techniques. Building relationships is8 key and can be done through blogger outreach strategies, use of social media influencers, and having brand advocates.

SEO Survival Guide

Create High-Quality Links

High-quality links do not include those that are purchased or acquired through spamming. One can achieve high-quality links through guest blogging, creating interesting content that will attract natural shares on social media, and post great content on popular websites within your business’s niche.

Optimization Of On-Page Content

Make sure the content on your page is optimized this can be done using a couple of tips such as using relevant URLs, Title tags, Heading tags, and alt image tags, and necessary captions. Make sure your content is a definitive source for getting information for a particular topic. The content should be short and catchy but still well-detailed to attract the attention of visitors especially those on mobile.

Content Distribution

Most often forget the importance of distributing content across different platforms. Creating loads of content is one thing, but promoting and distributing it is what will attract visitors. In order to have a strategic distribution plan here are few practical tips from top Local SEO Agentur Hamburg:

  • Design a cohesive content plan
  • Segment the audience appropriately and customize your content for each segment
  • Pay for the right distribution. Use appropriate channels and constantly test and review results to determine which channels are suitable.
  • Use the right influencers to promote your content.

However, be careful to select the right ones as choosing the wrong influencer may tarnish the brand’s image during your SEO marketing campaign.