The attention to detail required to be an artist can have large range applications. Check out listed below for examples.

The capability to catch landscapes is an unique ability that can not go underestimated. For examples such as urban landscapes, artists learn to elongate the movement that is being depicted. Some photographers, such as Martin Roemers, specialise in this area and are understood for catching the essence of an environment. This method to photography is distinct due to the fact that it involves documenting everyday exchanges in their natural form rather than images being postured for.

The abilities of a skilled artist can be transferable into other forms of media. The attention to detail required to be competent as a photographer mirror that which is required for a videographer. Specialists like Anton Corbijn have expansive capabilities which seemed to just continually grow. The precision needed to be knowledgeable in any art type needs an artist to be observant, noticing and drawing attention to relatively minor details. Art is often aligned with culture and identity because of the method artists can make identity signifiers apparent. This is usually achieved by the artist integrating visual hints, examples of this include a cultural piece of jewellery that represents the nation of origin or a physical feature like long hair to display ethnicity. Art generates so much conversation and social commentary because of the way information are stacked and the truth that certain functions can be left open to interpretation. Audiences can be left in a fixed state of wonderment and awe due to them understanding the reason behind a small feature was included and why others were left out.