Even in an age of star squads and record-breaking transfers, the best coaching can develop a football team greater than the sum of its parts.

In the very best leagues worldwide, the majority of teams will be stocked with awesome internationals who have performed on the brightest stages. Most teams are super teams by this description – with world class players capable of incredible feats of skill and trickery. But as the owners of Manchester United might be starting to find out, even the most expensive all-stars put together will find it difficult to accomplish results if they are not coached properly. Together with talented and diligent players, the managers should be always on the practise ground formulating the most recent football coaching drills and systems of play. More than tactics on a matchday, they should have an inherent philosophy that underpins their own game. Whether that’s counter-pressing or possession-oriented football, the coach devises these principles to help the team as opposed to an individual. Persuading every player from the substitutes to the stars is how the master tacticians secure their football coaching badges.

At the greatest echelons of the game lives super clubs brimming with a dazzling variety of superstars. But many football teams don’t have the capability to toss hundreds of millions at new signings through every transfer window. Unlike the owner of Manchester City, most clubs cannot spend tremendous resources and investments into a club capable of competing for the major domestic and continental silverware. This doesn’t mean every other club in the division must give up. Every season, there will be dark horses and surprise challengers for the very top spots. This is achieved through a mix of sensible recruitment plans and sharp coaching methods. Every top level manager will have passed their football coaching courses, but the greatest in the business are defined by what they can do with a restricted budget. The ability to run at a higher level than teams with bigger budgets is what separates the good from the magnificent.

Football followers are infamously difficult to please. The moment the new season rolls around, they want their club to sign a host of first class and high-cost players. They want superstar coaches who provide trophies through offensive and aesthetic styles of play. It is the right of every fan to strive for the stars, but it is the responsibility of the board to keep their feet securely on the ground. This is where the value of good football coaching jobs will come in. The majority of football clubs don’t have a deep pit of money to dip into. Even teams with strong financing frequently embrace an economical model according to sharp recruitment and sensible wage structures. Sustainable models like those championed by the owner of AC Milan needs faith in the players and football coaching staff. With solid principles and work ethic, managers improve players to a higher level than they might even picture.