Two things are great about the Golden Teacher mushroom – it is a top favourite among psychonauts and cultivators. The former love it because of the magical journey and experience, while the latter love it because this special variant of the shroom grows in abundance all around their farms.

What is the Golden Teacher mushroom?

It is known as a magic mushroom. The strain is known as psilocybe cubensis, with the main ingredients as psilocybin and psilocin.

Its characteristic golden cap with multiple small yellow speckles on the cap stands out amongst all other types of magic mushrooms. Its huge figure is the other unique feature of the shroom. It is believed that the first of this variety was found in Florida. The distinct shape of the magic mushroom pushed it to the top of the popularity chart in some time.

Effect of the Golden Teacher mushroom

The best thing about this strain of shroom is that its effects are mild. Therefore, it just the right psychedelic for beginners and newbies. The shroom’s exclusive characteristic is that it just does not lead to a high or a trip that is too much to handle. On the contrary, the shroom strain brings in spiritual effects or a psychedelic experience with shamanistic properties.

Consumers of this strain of mushrooms say that they experience being connected with their innate self and nature after the shroom’s intake. That is the reason why this mushroom strain is known as the Golden Teacher – because it teaches or shows the way to countless who are lost, depressed or sad. The psychedelic uplifts the mind and the soul, healing the spirit in the process.

Where can I buy authentic Golden Teacher mushrooms?

The online medium is the most reliable platform to procure this shroom variant. Some credible sellers online are committed to bringing their customers genuine and the purest form of the golden teacher shroom. It would be best if you searched for a reputed seller with due diligence.

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