Limousines are special vehicles that are not invented for necessity but for taking luxury to another level. The sole purpose of a limo is to represent extravagance and luxury and enhance the status of the riders in the eyes of the public. A limousine could be a sedan or stretch limousine and can be absolutely lavish to a ridiculous level.  It is huge and long and has a long wheelbase which allows the vehicle to be modeled on the extravagant. It is always driven by a chauffeur and may have more than four doors. One of the purposes of the vehicle is to provide utmost privacy to the riders which are done admirably and the partition between the driver and the occupants ensures that.

 Luxury Limo Service Atlanta



A limousine can come in many forms and the Luxury Limo Service Atlanta can provide the following:

  • Long Sedans
  • Stretch limousine
  • Convertible
  • Limo bus or coach

If you want to take a limited number of passengers you can opt for the long sedans as they can accommodate 6 passengers and a larger sedan limo will take in 6-10.  An SUV limousine will accommodate 10-16. If you want to go for a party bus which is an extension of the stretch limo and is mounted on a bus chassis luxury and lavishness are provided in the interior. A small party bus can carry up to 18-20 and a bigger one can take in 20-32 or more.  A bigger party bus or coach can carry 40-50 people and provide space enough for celebrating a party with dance, music, and bar, etc.

How much a limo will cost when you hire them?

You have to consider 4 items when you attempt to calculate the cost of hiring a limo.

  1. Limo size

The cost of hiring a limo will depend on how many passengers are going to travel in it. If it is a small congregation you can fit in a limousine which will hold 4-6. If the assembly is bigger then you can ask for a stretch limo that can hold up to 16 guests. You can find different types and sizes of limos, SUVs, super-stretch limos, and traditional town cars. Determining the number of people the limo will transfer will enable the provider to quote the right price and to get the best price and comfort.

  1. The occasion of the service

Limo rental will depend on when you are hiring one. If it is a wedding season then you may find it difficult to find limos at will. Even when you get them you will find their prices pretty hiked up because of the demand. Demand significantly plays an important role in determining the cost. If you hire a limo on Saturdays the cost will be stiff. Weekends see a significant hike in the limo prices because that is when weddings, sports events, concerts, and other important celebrations are conducted. If you hire a limo on Tuesday the rate will drop drastically as demand will be less. So make sure that your event is during eventless periods or book the limo well in time, such as weeks before or months before.

  1. Duration of the limo hire

Time is a big factor in determining the limo price. This is because limos are hired at hourly rates which can range from $75 to $200. The rate will also depend on the type of limousine you are hiring. If you opt for pricy limousines like Audi A81, BMW 7 series, Volkswagen, Mercedes Maybach, or Caddy the price may be on the upper side. If you want cheaper limos you can opt for traditional limos without the frills and the price will dropdown. Another factor that rules in favor of cheaper prices is the duration for which you book the vehicle. If the limo is booked for 7 or more hours the price may be at a discount but the price will go up if you hire them for just an hour or two. Longer periods always fetch discounts and each hour in excess will bring down the price. You must consider this when you are hiring a limousine. Night outs, bachelor parties, or hen parties may go beyond 8 hours and the price of the Atlanta Limo will come down with it.

  1. Check if the bonus is included

Bonuses or gratuity are offered differently by different rental companies so make sure that it is clearly mentioned in the booking. Some companies will include gratuity in the cost and some will add it as extra charges. Make sure that it is mentioned in the quote and wedding events usually carry gratuity because wedding couples don’t usually keep cash with them during the event.

When you are hiring Chauffeur Car Service in Atlanta make sure to consider the above so you don’t end up paying excessively.