You’ve just arrived at one location with over 30 pavilions representing the diversity of cultures from all around the world. It’s your first time visiting and you’re not sure what to do first. Here is a list that will guide you to the things to do in Global Village Dubai.


Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

One of the first “Odditoriums” in the region, this family friendly attraction brings with it the beauty of visual illusions, a museum full of mysterious artifacts, and a mirror maze like no other. A collection of artistic, natural, scientific, and human eccentricity, this wonder will make your visiting experience to Global Village Dubai world class with high tech entertainment and games. The museum features exhibits for those with a wild imagination. The wax figures are known to be strange and unusual but that’s what makes them unique. Opening hours are from 4PM till midnight. Global Village Dubai Price starts at AED 15 which is an exceptional price for the variety and handful of things you’ll be witnessing in an unforgettable day.Lets continue with things to do in Global Village Dubai.

Shows and Events

This comes as no surprise that an attraction this big will bring with it over 40,000 spectacular shows and special events for the whole family. Let me say this again, Global Village Dubai Price starts at AED 15. A ticket that gets you access to concerts, shows and performances. I had to mention it again here because this next item on the list is the one that will leave your jaws dropping. Shows which will feature your favorite characters, over 30 traditional culture performances, street entertainment, breathtaking main stage performances and an all time high risk stunt show. A list of these shows include the Bollywood flash mob, Festive Wonder to give your kids the Christmas experience, and a date that’s just days away, New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve at Global Village is a family night and spending it at Global Village Dubai at a price of AED 15 per ticket will give your entire family breathtaking memories and stories to tell for generations to come.

Pavilion and Selfie Spots

Time to get educated on some culture from all around the world. You’ve just made it to the Pavilion and you notice the variety. You can’t know where to go first. At Global Village Dubai and for a price of just AED 15 per ticket, all the cultures of the world are brought together. From Europe to Africa and Asia to North America, this experience beats any history class. This particular attraction does not only introduce you to cultures but also gives you the shopping experience of your dreams. It brings with it the trends in fashion from all around the world. From Iran to Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Europe, and Azerbaijan and just a secret, those are the most popular ones. You’re done and you feel like you haven’t had enough pictures taken. There’s no better way than to make your way to the perfect selfie spots and trust me, it’ll be difficult to choose. You’ve got the Celebration Walk, The Arabian Square, The Dry Fountain, The London Bridge, and even The Kid’s Village to get those perfect shots of your little ones. The list of things to do in Global Village Dubai keeps going but trust me, seeing those live in person for the Global Village Dubai Price of AED 15 per ticket, and it’s absolutely worth it.


You’re done for the day. Hunger strikes and it is time to choose from world wide cuisine. Over 200 restaurants and cafes and the largest street food attraction in the region, your taste buds are already heating up. From a Fruit Bazaar to a 70’s Cafe to Al Farooj to have the best broasted chicken in the region, to Al Asala Al Shamiah to get a taste of the Syrian cuisine, using unique spices and herbs, to some of the tastiest deserts at Al Dimani Cafe, trust me, it’s all there. You would come back home having experienced a tour around the world, all in just one place! There’s no better way of uniting the entire world than through cuisine and culture.


The name itself brings excitement and boosts those adrenaline levels. It’s like you’re already in the mood to dance and just let it all out. From heart racing rides to an all time groundbreaking arcade of games to meet all your expectations to unique and breathtaking experiences for your kids. When it comes to Rides, Global Village Dubai has the package for the entire family. Take your kids on a ride abroad the California Highway and watch as they cheer with joy and smiles or move south to the Mexican Balloons and float up high, getting a view of the entire Global Village. Speaking of views, there is one ride that will take you up to view the stars; The Wheel of the World. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the Dubai Skyline from the 60 m high wheel. It is safe to mention that each ride comes at a different price but one ticket to Global Village Dubai Prices at AED 15. As for that Arcade I mentioned earlier, it comes with over 125 games and trust me you’ll find everything from all new high tech virtual games to the classics like scoring a basket ball and throwing some darts. Lastly, the Carnaval comes with one of a kind experiences for your kids and yourselves of course. From a Zombie Laser Tag Arena to Target shooting to Jungle Land at Big Top Inflatables to just jump around and let go, to becoming a Double Agent, racing against time and another agent, to the heart racing Haunted House that will bring leave you breathless as screams and shadows follow you along the way, you will experience it all. Global Village Dubai Price starts at AED 15 per ticket and each ride comes at a price but you’ll be enjoying a variety of attractions all for AED 15.