Things to know before buying glasses online

We all love buying things online whether we talk about clothes or footwear. You can save the trouble of going outside and get access to the same variety or even more while sitting at your home. But, many people are afraid to do eyewear shopping online. Although there is a wide variety of designer glasses online, people still like to buy their glasses in person. 

We understand that eyewear is an intimate fashion accessory but you can buy it just as well from an online store as a physical shop near your house.

There are countless numbers of frames in different shapes, styles, designs, and sizes. As your local optician’s shop is too small to accommodate all these frames, you often have to make do with the limited choices you have.

If you are thinking of buying your next frame from an online store, here are the things that you must keep in mind.


When you buy glasses online, taking the frame and lens material into consideration is significant to determine whether the frame will be durable or not. Also, if your lenses have an anti-scratch coating on them, they will be safe from any damage from falling. If you have an athletic lifestyle, the durability of the frames becomes even more important.

The Right Fit

Finding the right fit is hard when you buy online which is why many people opt to buy their glasses from an optician shop nearby. However, this problem can be avoided if you take proper facial measurements and pupillary distance.

Poorly-fitting frames can cause vision problems and headaches as you are not able to see properly through the lenses. If you want to play safe, buy glasses with spring hinges and adjustable nose pads for a more secure fit. 

Virtual Try-On

People often avoid online eyewear shopping because they want to know how they are going to look in their new frames. To solve this problem, some companies have a virtual try-on technology on their websites so the customers can see how a particular frame is going to look on them.

Companies like Specscart that sell online glasses in the UK also offer free home trials where you can try the frames at your home for free. 


The fear of being charged with the extra cost of shipping also keeps people from getting prescription glasses online. When you are looking for an online option, make sure they offer free shipping and fast delivery.

Return policies

Different retailers have different return policies. Make sure you go through their return policy in detail. Figure out how many days they take to take the return and if you will be paying for the shipping. You can look up the reviews to know if the company has an easy return policy. If you do adequate research, it is highly unlikely that you will be disappointed with the purchase.

Why should you buy online?

Online eyewear shopping can be a huge plus if you are a smart customer. Here are the benefits you will get when you buy glasses online.


One of the most obvious perks of buying eyewear online is the endless variety that you will get. If you like the frame shape but not the design, you will have different design options for the same frame. With such a vast range of glasses, you will definitely find a pair that is just made for you.

More Pairs, Less Cost

When you buy a frame online, one of the major benefits that you get is the cost-cut. As online retailers sell their products straight to the customers, they save on the cost incurred on middlemen which is why you will find a frame in relatively less price if you buy online.

Better Shopping Experience

Shopping online is so convenient as you don’t have the need to drive to a brick-and-mortar shop. And what are the odds that you will find the desired pair at the first shop you go to?

Buying things is so much easier when you don’t have a salesperson constantly telling you why you should go for a particular frame even when you know that it clearly doesn’t look good on you.

The Final Word

Buying eyewear online can be fun and so much easier. As some companies offer free home trials and next day delivery, looking for an online option is a smart choice. Whether you choose to buy online or from a local shop, make sure you closely see what each retailer provides so you make the most out of your purchase.