As we all know, we do not expect our life without an air conditioner in summers. That’s why it is our responsibility to take care of our air conditioner because it provides us a suitable temperature for our survival. Most people thought AC installation is a very easy job but in reality the AC installation is a very complicated job. If you are also planning to install an  ac unit then there are many aspects which you should know before AC installation. If you do not know about these aspects then don’t worry, in this article, we are going to talk about the things which you should know before AC installation.

Here Is The List Of The Things Which You Should Know Before AC Installation:

1. Want Efficient Cooling With Your AC? Install The Drain Pipes Properly:

It is a very important step, if the drain pipes are not installed properly in your air conditioner unit then your air conditioner may not work properly. Make sure that there should be a vertical drop of 30cm beside the output of the indoor unit, this step helps you in preventing the reverse flow of water into the unit, But when you install the drain pipes in your unit then make sure that they do not have any leakages because leakage in a pipe will drastically effects on the performance of your air conditioner.

2. Make Sure That The Copper Pipes Are Aligned Properly:

Copper pipes are very important for your air conditioner unit because these copper pipes play an important role in the conduction of your air conditioner coolant, without the copper pipes the conduction of your AC’s Coolant is not possible. Do not use very long copper wires. The copper wires should be short and do not use that wire which has too many bends because it reduces the performance of your AC’s Coolant. Make sure that these pipes should be adequately insulated by foam. Please check that there are no cuts in the foam insulation.

3. Pay Attention To The SIze Of The Room:

This is the most important point which you should know before buying an AC unit. There are many people who think that the bigger unit is always better but in actuality you should purchase the air conditioner according to the size of your room. If your room is small and if you purchase the bigger ac unit as compared to the size of your room then in this case it burdens on your air conditioner unit, due to which you have to pay higher electricity bills, the perfect size of air conditioner not only ensures less consumption of electricity but also enhance the life of your air conditioner.

4. If The Duct-Work Is Not Proper, You Will Pay A Lot In Electricity Bills:

Without a proper insulation and inadequate ducting puts a strain on your air conditioner unit that’s why it is very important that the ducts of your air conditioner work properly. If your ducts do not work properly then it will drastically impact the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Make sure that the ducting should be adequate and the distance between outdoor and indoor unit should be correct.