While tyres are one of the strongest things your car wear. But the thing is, these are quite delicate. Apart from helping you move forward, there’s so much to know about your tyres, things you may often forget about them.

Interesting Informational Nuggets About Tyres

1. The word tyre is an abbreviation for the dress. An interesting way to look at it is to consider the tyres as dresses for your wheels!

2. We are all familiar with tyres, car tyres are smaller than truck and tractor tyres. While motorcycle and two-wheeler tyres are even smaller. But did you know that there’s a huge tyre? The largest tyre in the world is 80 feet long and weighs around 10,886 kg. You can find this one in Allen Park, Michigan, USA.

3. Did you know that you can find the date of manufacturing on your tyres? You’ll find a stamp on your tyre with numbers like 2120. This four-digit tyre can be broken into a timeline, like this tyre manufactured in the twenty-first week of the year 2020.

4. In the future, we may end up using tyres that will never flatten out. Michelin has been working on a concept since 2005 with its tyres called “Twill.” In 2017, the brand introduced Unique Puncture Proof Tyre System (UPTIS) based on its 2005 concept, which is designed for commercial use. We may see that in passenger cars soon.

5. The most expensive tyre set cost $ 6,00,000 for only four tyres. These were manufactured by a Dubai-based company called Z Tyres and were made of 24K gold and were diamond-encrusted.

Here’s a List of Facts That You Should Remember About Your Tyres:

· Tyres Age:
One of the things new drivers tend to forget about is that tyres can age. And if you love to drive recklessly, the tyres can age a little faster.
Apart from that, weather and atmospheric pressure affect your tyres as well. The best way to make sure that your tyres are always in good condition, all you need to do is to check out tyre pressure.

Signs of ageing on tyres range from worn-out rubber and treads. An ageing tyre always looks beat up and will have clear signs of coming away.

· Tyre safety is changing:
Whether you are looking for Tyres Telford or in some other place, you will always look for tyres that are known for safety. Tyres play an important role in maintaining your car’s safety.

However, a fact that most of the drivers do not know is that the racing industry has played an important part in making tyres safe. Business Car Manager reported that Formula1 racing cars go through many developments and improving tyre safety as well.

· Valve maintenance is very important:
Your car is a mix of a variety of things. To keep it running, many tyre manufacturers advise car owners to maintain their car’s valves.
Valve maintenance helps you to maintain your car’s tyres pressure. Should you see that there’s a difference in the tyre’s performance and looks, then you should replace it. You can get new tyres fitted by a professional for tyres or wherever you live.

When you maintain your car’s valves, you will see that you can protect your car from water, dust and grit. Always make sure that your car’s valves are always sealed.

· Weather changes what you need from your tyres:
This point is one of the most known facts. The tyre rubber changes as the times and seasons change. The thing is, cold weathers make rubber hard, and hot weather conditions make them softer.

Now, if the tyre rubber is manufactured specifically to combat the weather conditions, you will not face those problems. That said, it is important to keep a check on the temperatures and change your tyres as per requirement.

Whether you’re looking for Tyres Aston or in any other place in the world, knowledge of tyres can help you improve your car’s performance. It will help you to choose the right tyres for the right conditions.