Prostitutes are in the news! Like the Secret Service scandal in which President Obama’s sworn protectors got themselves fired for hangin’ with hookers in Colombia. Or the Ontario, Canada court decision that appears to legalize brothels.

People have been paying for sex for as long as there’s been something to pay for it with, but many societies and cultures have criminalized selling or buying sex, with police officers lovin’ it when they’re assigned to be undercover cops busting hookers.

After all, gathering evidence often includes having sex with hookers, then putting the cuffs on them. Tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Before you pay for sex, read this…

A lot of people look down on you if you pay for sex, and they look down on prostitutes. I’m not here to do that, although I do look down on pimps because I think they’re leeches who scam the women who hook for them. I’m here to tell you some hot tips for having fun and avoiding getting into trouble paying for sex.

Rule #1: Go Where Prostitution is Legal

Hiring a hooker where it’s illegal can get you busted, robbed, beat up, or even killed. It’s just not worth it.

Hiring a prostitute anywhere, legal or not, may get you involved in a sketchy situation. Exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. All kinds of bad stuff can happen when you try to Escort in Sydney have sex with someone you don’t know…whether it’s a prostitute, or someone you met in a bar, park or online. It’s risky, no doubt about that.

For many years, the obvious easy choice for where to legally buy sex has been Nevada or the Netherlands. Both places have legal prostitution, although Nevada’s rep is overhyped- you can’t even get legal hookers in Sydney- there are only a few counties in Nevada where prostitution is truly legal, and many of the women at Nevada brothels are, shall we say kindly, well past their prime.

That said, two of the most reliable Australia brothels is Sydney. Look ‘em up on Elite Escort in Sydney the Internet and see what the girls look like and scan prices.

If you try to hook up with a Nevada hooker at a run-down brothel, or a Sydney girl who’s working illegally (especially through a pimp or call-girl service), you’re likely to find less pleasure and more trouble than you’re looking for. So I don’t think Nevada is a worthwhile destination if “pay for play” is what you’re looking for.

Away from the desert, across the cold ocean, is the liberated Netherlands, where you find a “Red Light District” in most cities.

The red light girls are supposed to be government-inspected, working voluntarily rather than as pimped-out sex slaves, and the sex for money business is allegedly totally legit.

The Netherlands’ health care system even offers prostitute services for disabled people, that’s how accepting most Dutch people are about prostitution.

The most famous Dutch Red Light District is in Amsterdam, and it offers a wide menu of sexual choices for men or bisexual women. I’m heterosexual, so I’ve never gone looking for male prostitutes!

In Amsterdam’s hooker district, the girls stand in the windows, you walk up and ask them what they charge and measure their friendliness, they take you inside their little chamber, pull the curtains shut, you make a final agreement on price, and then you have sex with no strings attached.

You’re likely to pay between $100-200 USD for a short but adequate session of Red Light sex in Amsterdam. If you’re wealthier, you can hire higher-priced call girls who’ll stay with you all night. They cost about $1200 USD per night, and are generally classier, more physically fit, and cleaner than red light prostitutes.

There are pimps, pickpockets, bad boys, British drunks, and other sleazoids in Amsterdam’s Red Light District, so I don’t recommend going there after 9 o’clock at night unless you’re a martial artist or with a big group of people.

But if you’re looking for anonymous “safe” sex with a girl from a foreign country, Amsterdam’s Red Light is one mostly-sane place to get it.

On the other hand, prostitution is legal or semi-legal in a lot more countries than you’d think.

For example, one reason Obama’s Secret Service boys got in trouble is that they didn’t want to pay the full fee to the prostitute they’d hired, and they assumed that she would just go away instead of protesting, because in America you can get away with threatening a hooker, since she’s afraid of getting busted so she gives up. Or she may go to find her pistol-packin’ pimpdaddy.

What the Secret Service geniuses didn’t realize is that prostitution is legal in Colombia, and the lady they were arguing with was not only gorgeous and great at sex, she was also feisty. They thought they could cheat out on paying her, but they were wrong.

She protested their ungentlemanly actions, which led to the entire scandal, and a bunch of dudes lost their gig guarding Obama. Sure, those Latinas are spicy, boys, but was it worth risking the life of the president…was it worth losing your job??!!

So don’t just stick on Holland. Like, I’ve been hearing people recommend Spain, a country that has a “neither legal nor illegal” prostitution policy and apparently has some of the wickedest, most affordable brothels around.

Visitors to Spain who attend hydroponics events there come back with absolutely crazy stories about the sweet selection of beautiful, young, international women at brothels such as Estark 92, south of Malaga.

They say the girls, the prices, and the setting (right across from the Mediterranean sea) made Spain’s sex bizness far better than anything they’d ever experienced in Holland! And the weather was nicer too!

Rule # 2: Find the Girl and Experience You Want

Some guys don’t want much more than a female body. You too might be a super-horny person who is just looking for a safe, wet harbor to park his pocket rocket in, so all you ask for is a girl who’s attractive, smells good, is STD-free.

You might even find a girl who hardly speaks your language and is clearly just a businesswoman, and still have one of the most memorable sexual experiences of your life, all for what it would cost you to buy movie tickets and dinner on a date back home.

But some guys are looking for unique sex positions, romance, or other stuff, and it’s best if you’re upfront with the hooker about everything you really want– before you put your money on the table, or else you might not get your money back or get the kind of sex you’re paying for.

One important thing is to figure out if you want “the girlfriend experience.” This is a common term in the prostitution trade for what happens when a prostitute is willing to do a lot more than take your money, hand you a condom, set the timer, open her legs, and read the newspaper while you pump away to ejaculation.

The girlfriend experience happens when the girl seems to actually like you, as if she would have sex with you even if you weren’t paying her, and she shows some affection, emotion and, oh my god…even has real orgasms!

One big component of the girlfriend experience Sydney Escort is if the girl will “let you” go down on her, which you may want to be cautious about doing, because just think of what was inside her a few minutes before you paid her. Most girls won’t let you go down on them, and it’s usually because they know that you’d be kissing some stuff you’d rather not kiss.

But a prostitute who has enough emotional strength and heart to let you kiss her, hold her, look in her eyes, get to know her a little bit, kiss her below the waist, and who combines that with at least appearing to be genuinely aroused rather than just putting in some lubricant and grimacing while you poke or lick her…that’s the girlfriend experience.

Cautions about the girlfriend experience: It costs more than the quickie sex that most prostitutes charge a base fee for. Usually you’ll pay about $300 USD for an hour of girlfriend experience sex.

Another caution is that you, or her, or both of you, might fall in love, or at least have some authentically tender feelings for each other. Wow, looking for love in all the wrong places, huh?

In some cases, the girl who says she really likes you and seems to hold on to you when your time is up is just playing you for more and more money.

But I’ve heard of girlfriend experience sex that ended with the hooker and her customer crying their eyes out and feeling really sad at the end of a week where the customer spent $1500 and almost all his Dutch vacation time inside her body and her little room.

Some kind of heart to heart bond forms, and it’s hard to break.

It’s easy to fall in love with a girl who doesn’t play games about sex and who’s really good at it. Like Sting with Roxanne, you might want to save that hooker girl. The girl might even want to be saved. She doesn’t want to be selling her body in the night.

I’m sure there are happy marriages that started in a brothel. And there are marriages in which the woman and man met the “normal” way, but basically the woman is just trading sex for a place to live, and the man is just providing a place to live for the woman so he can get laid.

It takes all kinds, and who are we to judge what consenting adults do with and for each other, right?

The bottom line is: be clear with yourself about what you’re expecting,