2021 is a year of being creative and trying things out in interior designs. Tiles have become a trend nowadays by upgrading to a more subtle or minimalist look by using plain white, neutral colors or wood tiles. While some people like to be more extra and have a more fun room. We’ll be talking about how each one of these trends has become popular and how it can help a room look better.


Wooden Tiles


Wood is the most commonly used tile for floorings on houses and any other establishments. Although there are other options, wood is still in demand because of it’s different designs and qualities.


Some colors that are popular in 2021 are: gray, light brown, whitewashed and two-tone combinations of dark and cool shades. Most of the wood colors this year are mostly cool or muted colors. Textures are also in trends for wood tiles; it can be distressed, reclaimed or hand-scraped any many more wood surfaces. Wood floors became trendy because of its trend-turned-classic and detailed designs on how it can make a room more classy.


Plain White Tiles


Plain white tiles or marble-look tiles are still a hot style and are commonly used in kitchens, bathrooms or commercial spaces. White tiles and walls can easily make a room look bigger and absorb natural sunlight. Plus, you can easily decorate furniture and accessories that can be well matched with the white tiles.


Geometric Tiles


Geometric tiles can give a room a much more fun and vibrant look. With this kind of tile you can choose different combinations either neutral, vibrant or cool tones. Geometric tiles have a wide scope of designs and patterns you can choose from. From geometric patterns, mosaic styles or squares you’ll have endless ideas and designs while designing your house or commercial space. Most bathrooms use geometric tiles in order for the bathroom to look intriguing. 


High-gloss Tiles


If you want to have a more elegant and glamorous looking household, glossy finish tiles can give that to you. With it’s eye-catching smooth and shiny surfaces and it’s durability. This kind of tile is great because it tends to reflect plenty of light and can make a room look larger than it seems. You just need to regularly clean this kind of tile to achieve the glossy finish of it.


Neutral-colored Tiles


The latest designs right now are using neutral colors such as gray, beige and brown. Nowadays, people tend to choose cooler colors since it gives a more minimalist look and can be easy to design and combine patterns with. Neutral tiles can be relaxing and can make a room more bigger and spacious. You can be creative when using neutral colors and combine it with other colors, shapes or textures to satisfy your needs and make your room relaxing and beautiful.


Key Takeaway:


For the interiors of your room to look better, you may need to have one of these tile trends incorporated to the overall look. Depending on your preference, you may consider installing wooden tiles, plain white tiles, geometric tiles, high-gloss tiles and neutral-colored tiles.