Travelling in taxis can be fun and easy but costly if not done right. There are many taxi services in Canterbury and each of them seems to be fairly well. We often find these taxi companies making huge profits from their customers because they provide good services. However, several issues may arise in this situation. For example, there are many cases of taxi accidents or racial misconduct by drivers towards customers and vice versa.

Similarly, traditional taxi services are becoming very expensive. We often find many people trying to find Canterbury taxis at cheap rates because everyone loves saving money. So, how are you supposed to deal with all this?


Well, it is not possible to stop travelling because errands and tasks need to be run at any cost. However, there are ways of getting cheap and safe taxis in the city. Our experts have done their research and have come up with the best ways that you can use to make sure that your taxi rides are pocket-friendly and safe. Read through our list of tips and suggestions and you will not have to worry about finding the right taxi anymore.


Follow recommendations from your hotels

Make sure that you take tips from the hotel or motel you stay in if you are new to the city. Most of these hotels want to make sure that you have a pleasant experience with your ride. Therefore, they will recommend the best taxi services for your travel. You simply cannot go wrong if you follow what they say.t

Book In Advance

A pro tip to save money on taxis is to make sure that you book your taxis in advance. So, if you make a reservation 3-4 months before your actual visit you will not encounter a problem.

Hear what People Say

Another way to get the best services is to look for companies that your friends, family, and peers suggest. If you know people who have had firsthand experience with a particular company then we believe you will have a positive experience with them as well.

Keep An Eye On Your Wallet

A common mistake that most people do is that they keep hiring the same company without keeping an eye out on their wallets and managing their expenses. We recommend calculating per kilometre capability so that you can choose a taxi company that suits your budget and saves you from future trouble.

Choose The Right Plan

There are various kinds of taxis for different prices available with online taxi services. However, the higher you go on the services the higher the prices go. Make sure that you choose a car that suits your needs. For example, do not choose a 6-8 seater car if you are travelling alone. You can comfortably ride in a 4 seater car and save money too. This simple step can help you save lots of money if done correctly.

So, you see, it is all about making the right decisions and getting the right information and choosing a taxi service won’t be a problem for you ever again. Just go through all the available services, companies, and plans and you are bound to do well.