The world of Aeternum is waiting for you, and you are in for an adventure. New World is one of the biggest, most fun MMORPG’s in the world. If you’re getting into it now, welcome. There are so many things that you need to get up to speed with. However, If you’re a total beginner, you need the right knowledge to start on the right foot. So in this article, here are a few tips to make the first steps of your journey as a hero a little easier.

Join A Company As Soon

Gamers are accustomed to the word “guilds,” but these are called Companies in New World. These are a group of players who banded together to dominate territories or just casually hang out. By joining a Company, you can meet new people and team up with them for world exploration, PvE expeditions, and PvP combat. Everything in New World is easier with a group of allies, so you should find a Company as soon as possible.

Know Combat System

The new game is combat-heavy, so learning how the combat works will be one of the first tasks a new player needs to tackle. New World’s combat system is action-based, where positioning, timing and attack choice all matter. For melee weapons, you can block with your right-click and you can attack with your left-click. You can carry out a quick melee attack by tapping the left mouse, or you can carry out a heavy attack by holding the left-flick. Heavy attacks can break an enemy’s block. You also dodge while in combat. For ranged weapons, you can zoom in with your right-click to aim and fire with your left-click.

Use Two Weapons

New World also lets you equip two weapons on each character. In general, it’s best to pick two weapons that synergize well with your preferred stats and stick with them so that you can level up your Weapon Mastery with them and unlock their passive and active abilities in a timely fashion. In addition, every weapon type in the game has its Mastery level, so be sure to mix and match to earn yourself new abilities for as many as you can. By the way, weapons can be obtained in several ways: Through Crafting, found as random loot in chests and containers, as random drops by Enemies and Bosses as rewards for completing Quests, or use new world coins to buy at Trading Post.

Do High XP Missions First

Quests in New World are given by NPCs or obtained through exploration of certain Locations. Quests net your experience points and rewards, most of the time some sort of equipment type to help you improve your gear and gold. Every day, the first three quests you complete reward you with double XP thanks to a daily bonus. Therefore, an easy way to maximize your XP gains while leveling up is to do tougher and more rewarding quests first so that you get a huge boost from the daily bonus.

New World Housing Invest

Housing in New World offers players the ability to own a plot of land and a residence inside a Territory. Owning a house in a Territory makes that player a resident of the Territory and a member of the Territory’s controlling Faction, under the guidance of the local Governor and Consuls. Houses can be decorated with items crafted using the Furnishing skill and can grant players passive bonuses through the placement of Trophies. House storage may be expanded through Furnishing as well. In addition, compared to standard fast travel between points of interest that requires valuable Azoth currency, you can fast travel to and between your houses without any cost. Keep in mind, invest in housing need a lot of NW Coins, but they’re worth.

We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. If we have missed a piece of information that is important to you, please let us know!