Tired of the hectic life? Can’t get rid of stress and anxiety? Foot massage can be a good choice for you. But, how do choose a foot massager & foot massage service in Singapore? Here are some tips if you want to get a professional foot massage Singapore that is therapeutic, all come from our experience or feedback from customers:

However, if you do leg exercise on a regular basis in a gym like Cavalry Fitness then you must take foot massage on a regular basis too.

1) Choose a Professional and reliable foot massage service

Reliable? Is there any difference between unreliable and reliable service? Yes, we got a story for this: A friend of mine told me that she had a bad experience at first. She paid the money and waited for the therapist to come, but no one came. So, she had to go back home without a massage. Then, she decided to give it a second chance and this time made sure that the salon was reliable by checking on the internet (social media like Facebook or Google review). Fortunately, now she is very happy with her foot massage experience now after she found a professional Singapore Foot Massage service.

2) Is your foot massage service therapeutic?

If you want to get a therapeutic foot massage, please go for the one which has experience using various therapeutic techniques. For example, acupressure and reflexology are very good for reducing your stress level. However, these types of massages don’t come with a standard price or package. You will need to pay a bit more, but everything is worth it after you get your great feeling of relief.

3) Good environment and friendly therapist

I am just being straight here: I have been contacted by some massage service in Singapore that ask for extra payment because they want to go to my home or office to provide me with a foot massage. What??? Do you think I am Bill Gates? I will pay every single dollar for the service? Therefore, please choose a good environment massage service with a friendly therapist. The way you feel the first time is what really matters.

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4) Free consultation

Well, free consultation doesn’t come along with all forms of foot massage in Singapore. However, you can ask for this type of service when you are planning to spend some extra bucks.

5) Do they have any membership or package?

Yes, most Singapore foot massage services have some sort of membership or package which is not only convenient but also saves your money. Of course, do not forget to read their terms and conditions carefully before you make any purchase because some terms cannot be changed.

6) Do they use the right pressure?

I tell you, it is very important to make sure that you are comfortable during your foot massage session. And, this means the therapist should know how to apply the right amount of pressure or force so your muscle can be released and relax effectively. Last but not least- No obligation to buy

It is okay for you to feel free without any obligation. If you have tried a one-foot massage package and you don’t like it, there should be no problem with cancelling. The important thing is that your therapist will respect your decision no matter what.


In conclusion,  we hope you can find the perfect foot massage service as soon as possible by following our tips and advice. And, please do not forget to leave your comment because we want to know what’s on your mind!