The new iPhone XR models are known for their best battery lives Apple has ever put into previous models. But to get the most out of your iPhone XR battery, you will need to follow some tips so that your device battery works for an extended period, hence, making sure your phone’s performance doesn’t degrade. And if it is already degraded, you can easily get iPhone battery replacement in Canada for as little as CA$24.99.

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In this article, we’re discussing eight best tips to increase your iPhone XR battery life, so you don’t face any performance issues, at least in the first few years of purchasing a new phone.

Let’s dive into the details!

1. Update your iPhone XR
2. Enable Optimized Battery Charging
3. Reduce Brightness
4. Use Auto-Brightness
5. Colors
6. Reduce Auto-Lock Time
7. Wi-Fi
8. Tracking battery-draining apps

Even after following all tips and tricks to save your iPhone XR battery life, you think that it’s not working fine, we would advise you to replace it soon.

Final thoughts
There are more than eight tips to extend your phone’s battery life; however, the points mentioned above are the main ones. For iPhone battery replacement in Canada, Esource Parts extensive selection of iPhone XR battery parts available at affordable prices.

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