Who doesn’t like wearing sandals, especially during the summer months! Sandals are extremely comfortable to use. They are incredible breathable and provide your feet with all the air circulation they need. It’s no wonder that many men, women, and children love wearing those airy flip-flops as their everyday footwear. Of course, considering they can only be worn for a few months in the year, most women are looking for cheap women’s sandals for sale near me so that they don’t pay too much for this seasonal footwear. They also look for ways to save on their kids’ footwear by searching for kids sandals for sale near me.

Despite the extreme comfort it offers, some experts have stated that sandals can be bad for your feet. You may be wondering if that means you should ditch those sandals completely. In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of wearing sandals and also offer you some tips on finding the best sandals for your feet.

Are Sandals Really Bad for Your health?

Slipping into a pair of sandals and allowing your feet to breathe after wearing sneakers the whole is a wonderful feeling. And since we spent a lot of time at home due to the pandemic, chances are, sandals have been your primary footwear the past year.

There’s nothing that can beat the comfort and convenience of wearing a pair of a flip-flops. But even though it’s not entirely bad to wear your favorite flip–flop, you should be wary of wearing them as your everyday footwear.

The main problem of wearing sandals is its lack of arch support, leading to stress on your feet and ankle after prolonged wear. A study published in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association in 2010 shows that people who wear sandals frequently tend to take shorter steps when walking.

Other reasons why sandals shouldn’t be your primary footwear include a higher possibility of sprain ankle, foot inflammation, and twisted toes while wearing them.

But despite the list of drawbacks, there are also some benefits of wearing sandals. Many women love wearing sandals because of the level of comfort they offer. Wearing sandals also provide proper circulation to your feet which can prevent some skin problems.

Sandals are also easily accessible. If you need to walk your dog in the neighborhood or going for a quick shop at the nearest grocery store, wearing sandals will save you from the hassle of lacing up the shoes.

Tips on Finding Cheap Women’s Sandals for Sale Near Me

The podiatrist may not recommend that you wear sandals all the time. But they also wouldn’t advise against you if you prefer to wear your stylist and comfortable flip flop occasionally.

In fact, if you search online, you can find articles where podiatrists give a list of recommended sandals that wouldn’t harm your feet. So before you consider the amount of money you have to spend for that trendy flip–flop, here are some tips on finding cheap women’s sandals for sale near me that’s good for your feet.

1. Choose the right size of sandals
Don’t be tempted to buy stylist sandals when your size is out of stock. Wait until they’re restocked, or look for other sandals that fit your size.

2. Only buy sandals that offer great support.
The biggest issue about wearing sandals is most sandals don’t provide enough support for your arch. So when you’re shopping for a new flip–flop, be sure to look not only stylish but also supportive sandals.

3. Wear the suitable sandals that fit your activity
Different types of sandals offer different support for your feet. Flip–flop belongs to the beach and leisure walk in the neighborhood while hiking sandals belong to the adventure around the mountain.

Once you have the entire list above checked, you can compare the prices for many different sandals to your budget. The same thing goes when you’re looking for Kids sandals for sale near me. The important thing is to look for sandals that are comfortable, affordable and stylish.

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