Sick of your carpet? Forget to buy a new one - inflate, brighten, and soften your carpet to bring it back to life!

Here are 5 tricks that will rejuvenate your old carpet.

1) Bright Faded Carpet

Brighten by rubbing the carpet and rugs, rubbed with a rag soaked in rough water, then put out. You can rub in salt water solution and dip the grapes, then wash as usual.

2) Carpet Deep-Clean

To clean the super-dry carpet again, try this trick in a well-ventilated area: add one cup of ammonia to the amount of water. Rub your carpet (do not let it get damp) with a damp rag or mop, and let it dry. Since ammonia is very powerful, you may want to test this method on an already unseen area such as under a chair. Do not use this mixture on wool carpets.

3) Get Rid of Carpet Dents

To remove the dent in your carpet left by the furniture, bring the fibres back into shape using a fork. Just stick the tiles into the fibres and brush them directly. You can also try dropping an ice cube into the spot, which will expand the fibres. (Then rub with a dry cloth.)

4) How to Get Your Carpet to Stop You

Has your carpet suddenly started operating static electricity, causing your hair to stand up to the end and even shock your family or pets when you touch them? Luckily, something that settles on your clothes can help with your carpet: fabric softener! Mix three cups of water with half a cup of liquid cloth softener, pour it into a spray bottle, and apply to your carpet. Not only will static electricity disappear, but the mixture will also act as a carpet deodorant.

5) Do Not Rip the Old Carpet Yet

If it still sounds like there is no hope for your old carpet, consider a professional cleaning first - or better yet, hire a carpet cleaner from a local rental centre or hardware store. It can remove stains that you never thought you would get out of, and would really make your carpet know-how effectively than buying rugs online. If you are going the wet-empty route, be sure to slip the plastic bags at the feet of the tables and chairs and secure them with rubber bands. Plastic will keep furniture from getting wet.