TokenTax: The Best Crypto Tax Calculator

Everyone can not easily understand how the blockchain works or how to set up a wallet. That’s why designers and accountants designed TokenTax. Experts at TokenTax know that services need to be accessible as possible. Not all data are always available for accurate crypto tax calculations, and you may need a complete crypto transaction history. TokenTax helps every customer reconcile their taxes through their experts.

What is TokenTax?

TokenTax is an online leading crypto tax platform and cryptocurrency tax accounting business. The team at TokenTax goes through the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency and tax ecosystem and serves crypto taxes across 18 nations worldwide. TokenTax is more than a simple tax software. They have years of experience in successfully handling all crypto tax situations. They also file tax returns for individuals, LLCs, and corporations. Besides, TokenTax strives to tackle the challenge while making crypto taxes as accessible as possible. Make sure you use the TokenTax Coupon Code to get incredible offers and discounts when you purchase from the store.

Why do you need TokenTax?

  • The TokenTax team works directly with customers to complete their crypto taxes.
  • They can handle all aspects of tax filing, from individual returns to self-employment and full business return preparation.
  • This software imports your cryptocurrency transaction history, calculates your capital gains/losses & tax liability, and automatically creates your tax forms.
  • TokenTax believes that no situation is too small or too big. Besides, they worked with everyone from bitcoin HODlers to hedge fund managers.
  • They support tracking trades and calculating taxes no matter what exchanges you trade on.
  • Besides, using the TokenTax Promo Code, you can get excellent promotional deals when you reach the checkout page.

What are the TokenTax Plans and Pricing?

  • Basic- For the Basic Plan, TokenTax calculates tax liability for Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. TokenTax pricing for this plan starts at $65 tax per year. Basic Plan offers features including
  • Up to 500 transactions
  • Coinbase and Coinbase Pro API only
  • Premium- Tokentax offers Premium Plan for crypto investors trading on multiple exchanges and services. TokenTax offers to price for this plan starting at $199 tax per year. Features of the Premium plan include
  • Up to 5,000 transaction
  • DeFi & NFT Automated Integrations
  • Support for every exchange
  • BitMEX, Deribit, Bybit Margin Support
  • Tax loss harvesting dashboard
  • Pro- The Pro Plan includes extra features for advanced investors and margin traders. TokenTax offers yearly pricing for this plan that starts at $799. Pro Plan has a lot of new features, including
  • Up to 20,000 transactions
  • Supports all Margins Exchanges
  • Includes FBAR
  • Unlimited Tax Form Revisions


How to Apply TokenTax Discount Code?

Follow the steps below to Apply your TokenTax Coupon Code

  • Copy the code from the official website.
  • Select your plans from the TokenTax online hub.
  • Find the box to apply the code after proceeding to the checkout page.
  • Paste the code inside the box and click on the Apply button to activate your offers.
  • Pay for your plans and checkout from the store.

Why choose TokenTax?

TokenTax offers plans for anyone, from casual investors to crypto power users. In addition, you can purchase from TokenTax for many features, including some as below

  • First crypto tax software to work with every exchange
  • Handles every crypto tax situation
  • Do tax returns
  • Knows how to save money on crypto taxes
  • TokenTax is DeFi friendly


TokenTax works with crypto funds to reconcile their crypto trading to order file tax returns and assemble PnL reports. They strive to help their VIP clients with an IRS audit and guide them with the information they need. Today, TokenTax calculates cryptocurrency taxes and provides tax & accounting services to thousands of crypto traders and investors all over the world. With TokenTax, you can automatically import your data through API and upload a CSV of all your trades. Last but not least, to get special discounts on your plans, use the TokenTax Voucher Code on your orders while purchasing from TokenTax.