As per Worldometer, the worldwide population stands at 7.9 billion, and 2 billion are using Android-powered devices. Android has emerged as the best-selling OS worldwide over smartphones since 2011 with the highest number of users, as per Wikipedia.

If you are an entrepreneur or owner of an SME, sacrificing over android users can lead to a severe setback to your mobile app project.

Investing in android app development helps you reach a larger audience and also proves a cost-effective option.


Here are the top 10 benefits of Android App development for business enterprises

1. Reaches a larger global audience


As mentioned earlier, Android is the OS with the highest reach among people. It accounts for more than one-fourth of the total population worldwide.

The android reach stands at 50%, as the total number of smartphone users stands at 4 billion. A fantastic reach of the android app helps you reach a large global audience with zero extra effort.

2. Proven cost-effective option

There are multiple ways in which android apps prove a cost-effective option for investors. 

  • Android itself is open-source and has a low entry barrier.
  • You can hire android app developers at a much lesser rate when compared to its immediate competitor, iOS.
  • Android comes with many open-source libraries, frameworks, technology stacks, etc., that again saves cost.
  • For publishing an android app, you need to pay a one-time fee of $25, while that of Apple requires $99 annually.


3. Enhances App’s ROI

An app’s return on investment is calculated as the net investment return over the total investment. Enhancing the ROI of an app depends on multiple factors like scalability, speed performance, push notifications, high UX, etc.

As an android app gets created at a reduced development cost and facilitates smooth UI and UX, it effectively enhances the app ROI for the investors.


4. Supports development of well-secured Apps

The development of a well-secured mobile application depends mainly upon the guidance and freedom offered by the chosen OS. The developer’s team can enforce secure communication, rely on implicit content, signature base permissions, etc., to develop a highly secured app.

Android also encourages the use of SSL traffics, which offers security during communication with the webserver. The team can also create a personal trust manager to cross-check a received certificate from a web server.

The development team can easily update the android app with the latest technology tools of blockchain, AI, ML, etc. to ensure the high security of the developed app


5. Highly compatible with wearables

Wearables have gained high rage and popularity among consumers. The number of wearable devices is to cross the 1 billion mark by 2022. Android has proven to be a fantastic option for developing wearables-based applications.

Multiple wearables like smartwatches, pressure trackers, etc., available in the market are compatible with android apps. Developing an enterprise-grade android app for a business enterprise is also feasible for integrating wearables.


6. Supports high-level of Customization

Mobile applications are nothing but a solution to an issue or an error challenging mankind. Based on the target audience and competitors, a mobile application undergoes Customization. 

The availability of multiple libraries, frameworks, etc., supports a simple as well as high level of customization for the app. the development team can integrate various plugins, APIs, etc., into the application to meet challenging requirements in less time.


7. Offers a shorter time to market 

When looking forward to developing an app in a shorter time span, Android proves a viable option for the business enterprise. Google announced Kotlin as a preferred android development language in 2019. 

Kotlin proves an excellent language for developing a mobile application in less time as it has the following distinctive features:

  • Being open-source, it supports high-quality development.
  • Kotlin offers brevity that leads to lesser code errors and increased productivity.
  • It comes with world-class IDE support.
  • Kotlin integrates Android Studio, which quickens the development process.

Firms offering apps development India use Kotlin for offering dedicated development of smooth-running mobile apps.

8. Offer regular updates 

Created by the tech giant Google, Android is an ever-evolving platform. We regularly use many world-class features, like the mesmerizing HD display, the time-saving mobile payment, etc. were initially introduced over Android. 

Have a look at the infographic below depicting various android versions over the years.

Source: Quora

With time we have noticed regular deployment of the latest android versions. The newest version being Android 12, was recently released for preview in February 2021.  


9. Lenient approval policies

Android is renowned for offering lenient policies while approving applications over the app store. As per the App Development report, it typically takes from a few hours to 3 days to get available in the store.

Once the app gets submitted for approval, the review team mainly checks for malware, spyware, copyright issues, sexually explicit content, etc., by using automated tools. 

Once approved by the manual tool, the app gets forwarded for human review. Once the team deems fit the app for approval, the application becomes available on the official store.


10. Greater distribution of the app

The developed mobile application for your business is not limited to the official app store. Android apps also reach users via multiple third-party marketplaces. Some of the prominent third-party markets include Amazon App Store, Humble Bundle, Samsung Galaxy Apps store, etc.

Thus, users have more diversified access to Android-based mobile applications.

Having discussed the benefits of android app development, let us have a quick look at the cost of creating them.

Cost of Android App Development

The cost of any mobile app development project depends upon multiple factors, as follows:

The total number of features of the app: With an increasing number of features, the cost of the mobile app development project increases.

Level of complexity: Whether the android app is simple, medium-level complex, or highly complex in nature significantly influences the cost of the app.

Hourly Rates: The hourly rates of the developer’s team vary from nation to nation. For example, developers from the U.S, Europe, etc., usually charge $50+ per hour, while those of developing nations may charge you as little as $25/ hour.

Total number of Man-hours required: It depends upon the app’s complexity, total features, etc.

Chosen Technology Stack: The programming language, libraries, frameworks, etc., chosen for the wholesome development of the app significantly affects the application development time and cost. 

For example, going for open-source libraries and frameworks reduces both development time and cost. While developing the app from scratch may cause an unnecessary burden over the programmers and investors team.

Final Words

That was all about the benefits and cost of creating android apps. android app development companies in India offer a lower rate owing to abundant developers in the nation.