Fix Different AOL Desktop Gold Problems

Pointless to say that people every time try to find an updated version of the email service they are using. But most of them don’t know how to run those email accounts after updating successfully.

When it comes to using Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold windows 10 then people experience a different types of AOL Desktop Gold problems and failed to troubleshoot. With AOL assistants they can sort out this problem easily. AOL Desktop Gold assistants not only solve these problems, but they also provide different guidelines so that users can able to avoid the same in the future. Users can depend on them without any doubt.

Sometimes AOL users experience AOL Desktop Gold problems especially in windows 10 due to incorrect installation methods. But if they contact AOL assistants through AOL email customer service number then they will learn how to install it incorrectly way.

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AOL Desktop Gold

\AOL Users Must Remove Existing AOL Desktop Gold:

Before proceeding Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold windows 10, users must not forget to remove the existing version of AOL Desktop Gold. To do that, they need to go to the control panel of the computer. After that, they need to select the programs. Then users need to click on uninstall the program. If they have any incomplete or damaged files then they should need to clear them too. Otherwise, users will keep facing problems in the AOL Desktop Gold version even after reinstallation. In fact this time, the installation method won’t be completed due to having an existing version. So users must keep that thing in their minds.


Check out how to fix other AOL desktop gold issues during installation in windows 10:

  • Having 1GB RAM is mandatory for AOL users. After that, they have to AOL Gold Download Install from an authorized website.
  • Next, users need to open the file explorer from the download folder. After that, users need to double-click on the AOL Desktop Gold icon.
  • Then, users need to install the AOL exe. File. Users can keep in contact with the experts through AOL Desktop Gold.
  • After that, users need to click on the “Install” option and users need to click on “yes” option. Next, users need to wait for some time to complete the installation process.
  • After that, users will have the display of the message that the installation method is finished. Users need to restart the system after completing the installation method.

Apart from facing installation issues, AOL users face some other types of AOL Desktop Gold problems while using AOL Desktop Gold. AOL experts solve those problems too. These are discussed below-


Solving slow speed performance issue-

In this case, AOL Desktop Gold users need to delete all unnecessary files, junk files, etc. They must check out the hard drive storage as well. They must have at least 512mb space in their computer.

Solving AOL email login problem-

AOL Desktop Gold users should check the password while entering. Users need to check the account settings too. They need to check the internet connection, account settings too.

AOL Desktop Gold users can easily contact the experts whenever they experience Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold windows 10. AOL Desktop Gold experts always cooperate with the users.

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