Nowadays, the necessity of the cloud has become an essential service aspect of fulfilling the effective management of organizational workflows. Microsoft Azure makes it possible by offering businesses an executive opportunity of building, managing, and deploying the applications on a cost-effective, global and enterprise-grade network. Microsoft Azure’s partnership with SAP provides a complete, regimented and secure infrastructure system, capable of handling substantial workloads while furnishing the innovative solutions in a specified time.

Top 5 Benefits of Migrating SAP on Microsoft Azure

For most practical purposes, SAP on Azure is deployed as a SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS offering. All these processes can undertake in either of the following ways.

  • Azure-only deployments — Migrating the entire SAP framework to Azure, where there is no scope for SAP systems to function within the general operational landscape.
  • Hybrid-structure deployments — Combining SAP on Azure within the On-Prem domains and integrating their procedures and processes to facilitate organizational agility.


1. Multiple Deployment Options

2. Cut Costs and Lower CapEx

3. Higher Reliability & Scalability

4. Secure your Systems

5. Advanced Analytics

Suneratech, with its decades of cloud expertise, enables organizations scale their existing SAP infrastructure or Workloads to Azure with zero upfront or investment cost using its Zero Cost Cloud Migration approach. With this reliable approach, organizations can achieve 30–40% of savings and get continual support.