In a digital era like ours, everything is accessible on the go via gadgets. Mobile phones have revolutionised so many things. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you can stay connected to anyone and everyone. However, specific traditional methods have continued to be indispensable, and one of them is SMSes. Businesses still make heavy use of text messages by partnering with bulk SMS service providers who enable them to stay connected with their customers, target them, and retain them as well. These days, many companies use bulk SMS services for better campaign performance. It is being predicted that bulk SMS businesses have a pretty bright future. Here are a few bulk SMS providers you can look at – 

#1 mTalkz

This is probably one of the best bulk SMS service provider in India. It offers many packages that include facilities like bulk SMS, voice SMS, APIs, digital marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. They also look into web automation and have some great combo offers that cater to startups. The approach is very holistic overall. To know more about them, visit their official website!

#2 Msg91

This provider has earned quite a name for itself. The advantages of Msg91 is that it provides service with coverage across the world, offers API options, add-on options, and has a really good looking and professional website. A big con is its pricing. It is challenging for small scale businesses and startups to avail their services. Also, many people using the services of this platform have claimed that the process can get complicated at times.

#3 BhashSMS

This SMS service provider is a boon for those who have budget constraints. Its advantages are inclusive of, of course, its pocket-friendly packages, uncountable sender IDs, and quick activation of the account. On the other hand, people have complained about issues like lousy service, poor delivery rates, and confusing transactional routes. 

#4 SMSHorizon

Based out of Tamil Nadu, this SMS service provider is quite well known across the country. Its pros include excellent customer service and support, a dynamic platform, and assured delivery rates. However, there are some cons as well. Three of them have been mentioned frequently, and they are overpriced packages and lack of proper transactional routes. Also, QR codes are not applicable here so far.

#5 TextLocal

Based out of UK, this provider is slowly becoming popular in India. It has received a lot of appreciation and has many advantages like SMS personalisation, real-time reports, flexible APIs, the required integration processes, etc. However, it is not without its disadvantages. Customers have expressed their dissatisfaction when it comes to delivery, pricing, and customer support.

So these are a few good picks in India. Ensure that you know exactly what you want before paying for the services. Balance out your requirements and budgets, check for offers and additional features, and then make a call. Many of these providers offer trial packages, so you can go for those as well!