Table of content 

  • Introduction 
  • Data-Driven AI Technologies 
  • Good Old Content Marketing 
  • Video Marketing is the Future 
  • Mobile Based Marketing 
  • Augmented Reality (AR) 
  • Summary  

As the world slowly emerges from the face of the pandemic, marketers globally face a common question. Which are the top digital marketing trends that they need to follow?  

Some people are still skeptical about stepping out, others are enjoying their original freedom of movement.  

With 2023 at the doorstep, digital marketers experiment with ways to digitally engage consumers post-pandemic while still utilizing the technological innovations at their disposal. 

Many businesses will have to prioritize and identify effective ways to engage their audience and deliver their product in new ways. They will have to promote their brand innovatively and attractively to their prospects.  

So here we present the top 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2023 You Need to know. These are the trends that have been around and evolved and become an integral part of the digital marketing spectrum. So if you were wondering what is in store for digital marketing in 2023, stick around to find out. 

  • Data-Driven AI Technologies 

During the past decade, it was a challenge for companies to convince their consumers to adapt to new and advanced technologies. But with changing times, consumers have become more adaptable and are opening their minds to the convenience of advanced technology. 

AI is one such technology that is going to rule over the next couple of decades. Talk about Voice SEO (VSEO), chatbots, or natural language processing software. AI proves to be an ever-evolving intelligent system for customers to get automated payments, Videos, or buying suggestions. 

Be it personalized online experience, programmed advertising, automated content creation, or intelligent strategy suggestions. AI gets your back every time. 

AI helps to learn the marketing behavior of consumers in the following ways: 

  • Consumer behavior prediction with proper analytics and tendency modeling 
  • Improves user experience through AI-driven chatbots 
  • Helps in reduction of cart abandonment 
  • Increases credibility through AI-generated content 
  • Measure performance from marketing campaigns 
  • Automatic content suggestions for targeting emails 
  • Reduce manual tasks and saves errors and expenses 

Today, all sectors including, banking, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing, are using AI in their digital marketing plans. While AI is the most popular digital marketing trend, it is also used in marketing automation of basic tasks such as reporting website traffic and keywords recommendation to optimize organic search results. 

AI applications can predict customers choice of products based on their past purchases and browsing history. Using AI combined with SEO can give surprising results in digital marketing.  

  • Good Old Content Marketing 

According to popular Content Marketing Stats by Neil Patel, 

42% of B2B marketers claim that their content marketing efforts are usually effective. Almost 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content daily for consistency, and 61% of consumers get influenced by customized content. 

So if you wish to be an industry leader and stand out of the crowd in your niche, content creation is the key to your success. So, align your PR and SEO goals to boost visibility, while gaining credibility and authority. 

Create a content strategy to generate consistent B2B content for your site. After gaining authority with it, you can then add the PR perspective to gain credibility. 

As a part of your most trusted online marketing trend, make content plans so people can link that content with relatable topics. 

Currently, the majority of B2B companies accept that marketing authoritative content convinces their audience about the credibility and trustworthiness of their business. 

Helpful and educational information in your field will interest readers and build loyalty for future purchase decisions. 

Include Content that has Google’s E-A-T: Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness in all your marketing strategies. Also, use A/B Testing on Title Tags and Meta Descriptions to know what works best and gets you the target audience. 

  • Video Marketing is the Future 

Audio and video marketing grabs attention and interacts with modern customers in their digital space. 

Video marketing has been around for some time and with a large population in the age group of 14 to 30 that watches videos to make buying decisions, just producing any video isn’t enough.  

You have to analyze the video marketing trends as well along with other popular digital marketing trends for your business. For instance, there are many forms to experiment with. 

Try making a video with audio-less features, animated explainer videos, live video streaming, or try shoppable videos with augmented reality, 360-degree videos, user-generated reviews, or vlogging combined with influencer marketing to enhance your reach. 

2023 is going to be a visual year where companies will use video marketing as a powerful tool to drive audience engagement and improve conversions. 

  • Mobile Based Marketing 

In the changing digital era as the means to choosing a product change, so do the methods of selecting and buying them change significantly. 

People nowadays spend significant time online. Internet usage among adults has increased by 5% in the last couple of years. The uptick in internet usage changes how people access the internet and how they prefer to view their shopping sites. 

More people use smartphones and tablets to browse products or services on the web. Businesses need to adapt and create mobile-friendly content to rank higher in search engines. 

The best digital strategy is to optimize the website design to automatically adjust to smaller screens. To make load content faster, use AMP (accelerated mobile pages) on smartphones and tablets. 

Keep the use of smartphones at the center of your marketing strategies. Also, do not miss out on the usage of social media while targeting audiences. 

  • Augmented Reality (AR) 

AR provides helpful visual content in the real world using digital elements such as sound and other sensory stimulus provided via technology. 

IKEA’s augmented reality app is a good example of this. You can upload a photo of living space to this app, and view virtual true-to-scale 3D model furnishings to choose for your personalized space without ever visiting the store. 

Many industries can leverage this online marketing trend of augmented reality. Some such examples are Education, Retail, Gaming, Healthcare, Design and modeling, architectural firms, the construction industry, etc. 

As VR and AR become common to laymen, companies that utilize AR’s possibilities will gain momentum in the coming years. 

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To Summarize  

  • The pandemic and the post-pandemic period have greatly affected the way people think and do their shopping. Extended stay-at-home periods have shifted the expectations of buyers and how they encounter retailers and businesses. 
  • It means there has to be a substantial change in the latest digital marketing trends in 2023 and beyond. If businesses want to attract and retain consumers, then technology gives them an excellent opportunity to create an advantage. 
  • AI will dominate these marketing trends for a while. Automated mailing, personalized messages, and product suggestions based on previous search history will help in conversions. 
  • While video-based marketing will add to the advantage of the AI suggestions, businesses that think of the future will adopt AR and invest the virtual shopping experiences for their clients. 
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