Recently, I resolved to pay off my debt and start a more adult-like budget. Because I spend a lot of time on my phone (read: embarrassing), it was only natural that I began to spiral deeper and deeper into Apple Store Apps, looking for the best and most obscure apps that would help me manage my personal finances and budget.

Here are my top picks. There are some obvious favorites, but there are also some new love. They all look great next to Instagram and my Ally bank icons


Let’s make the right money decisions, together. Fea Money – The First Banking App for WomenThe app that helps your wealth grow. Tailored, approachable and impact-driven banking to empower women financially


Let’s be quick. Mint is a top-rated app. Mint is the budgeting app everyone uses because it is so great. You can find other budgeting apps, but Mint is the best. Mint is a great place for beginners.


You Need a Budget was something I tried for a while last year. I regret not sticking with it. This app is perfect for anyone who wants to make significant changes in their spending habits. It’s like you are pulling out all the stops. YNAB’s principal idea is to “give every dollar a work” so that you don’t let your budget slip when you are offered a dinner out or a second glass. Although it’s not free, you can try it for free but you will have to pay a fee. But maybe you’ll be forced to use it because of the high cost. It’s worth it because it will change the way you view money.


Digit is my favorite app. I could write an entire article about it. But, for the sake and word count, this is what I did last year. Digit analyses your spending habits and then transfers money that you won’t lose from your checking account to a savings fund. Every time I open Digit, I am amazed at the amount of money that I find. If that’s not enough to convince you, my friend recently did a No-Spend Month and opened Digit to discover almost $700 in her Digit.


So, I live in Los Angeles and commute there every day. Gas prices vary depending on where you are in this beautiful city lined with palm trees. Gas Buddy is my favorite app. The app will pull up a list of nearby gas stations based on your location. On weekends, I simply open the app to find the cheapest gas station near me and top up my tank.