Nowadays, there are several numbers of online casinos working in India. Therefore, gambling online casino games in India is not a dream anymore. It is presently an actuality for casino supporters all over the nation. It means you can operate Online Casino Games with Real Money and have the opportunity to gain more cash in income. If you are looking for an online betting casino in India, RajaBets is one of the best options for you. They always help customers to make the most of their online casino activity. And provide unique tips, methods, and procedures that can come in beneficial while gambling online. Their team has years of knowledge which makes it simple for them to spot trends and patterns. Let’s discuss some real money online casino games in India. In this article, we are going to discuss some of these games. While there are multiple games to play, there are a few fan preferences. So here is a list of the top 5 real money online casino games you can play in India. 



Blackjack is one of the most popular and preferred games in India. Due to its simple rules and durability, most online gamblers are loved to play this game in casinos. The commands are very manageable when it comes to this competition. In this game, you are operating against the trader, and you distributed two cards. Your purpose is to have the whole of your cards supporting or specifically at 21. Your seller has the same determination as well.

When you have those two cards, you can decide whether to attain or order for a hit. The seller will take a card for himself against your selection. Whoever is nearest to 21 wins the series. However, if any of you go ahead with 21, then you lose the game. There are many differences in the game with online casinos in India and the excellent game providers. These competitions permit you to place various types of odds and support to produce a pleasant activity too. So, you get to have entertainment and make a generous sum of cash if you are fortunate.


Teen Patti

Teen Patti is the most successful card game in India. You can see gatherings of people operating this game on the street roads. And when growing up, you have seen in your family members are playing this game when gathering. You can call or put your odds depending on the sequence of cards that you hold. The betting method for Teen Patti can be pretty complicated. But, when it proceeds to work online, all the complexity is controlled by the clubs. It is quite an inspiring time that we are continuing in right now, that we can operate popular Indian card games like Teen Patti online. With particular rewards being awarded just on games like these, you should attempt it out as quickly as you can.


Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is another standard raising the levels of online casino preferences here in India. This game is available to play online with your colleagues. Playing the Indian classics is one of the best ways to have a good time when you are playing online casino games in India.

You will have to imagine which side the leading card will arrive on. There is a 50-50 probability of obtaining because there are only two possibilities. The more experienced operator says that although it includes a particular amount of theory, you can recognize inclinations and become an estimated prospect. Therefore, it is up to you how you desire to play this game, but it is going to be a more extra pleasure if you invite your colleagues to join too. You may know this game as named Katti, Mangatha, or, Ullae-Veliyae. You can perform this online game with your colleagues and a live gambler. To a specific limit, this is a game of perfect opportunity.


Sic Bo

Sic Bo is similar to a roulette game. It is a game of luck that depends on the total of the three cubes that operated. If you have ever noticed or run the typical casino game of craps, then you will have a pretty reliable idea of this game. Your purpose is to choose the number or the result of the cube’s throw. Before the cubes rolled, you have to place your odds.

There perform to be a bunch of various bets obtainable. The higher the chance connected with a bet, the more prominent your profits are. If you have never performed Sic Bo, then go for simple odds that are low-risk in quality. It will give you the opportunity of experiencing the game while gaining comfortable money and not suffering out on a lot.



Roulette is another top most popular game in India. You must see this game in most Indian movies and shows with actors obtaining masses of cash. Therefore, you can also win lots of money by operating this game. Online casinos in India allow active casino competitions. It suggests you can perform roulette in a conscious online casino with a live gambler. On most online casinos, you receive the opportunity to operate both American and European variants of the game. As like Sic Bo, Roulette also permits you to go for various types of plays. Sometimes it can reward good profits to place various odds on several possible results to provide you a more satisfying struggle opportunity.


Final Words

These are some most popular and preferred online casino games that you can comfortably play in India. You can install these games on your PC or mobile device and perform them efficiently. Without any expense, you can operate these games and obtain some real money as bonuses. You must learn all rules about your preferred game before working on it. The above-discussed information must be helpful for your quarry. You can contact us through our comment section for more knowledge.