Dubai is very much more than just skyscrapers. The grand city hosts multiple leisure and entertainment spots that have lured the global population. These attractions have certainly made Dubai one of the most favourite tourist spots in the world. This city has climbed the ladder over the years in becoming a crowd puller for business and entertainment activities. To discover the most exciting destinations in Dubai, head towards Luxury Car Rental Dubai and choose an exotic vehicle that enhances your travel experience.

Dubai Creek

Although a saltwater inlet, Dubai Creek is the hub of several commercial activities and a renowned tourist location bustling with visitors throughout the year. The creek lies in the heart of Dubai and has witnessed many crucial junctures in the transformation of this magnificent metropolis. Famous districts in this creek include Deira and Bur Dubai which has a deep-rooted historic relevance in the growth of Dubai.


Visit these places if you are planning a visit to the Dubai Creek –

  • Historic & Cultural buffs can visit – Museum of Illusions, Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, The Dubai Museum.



  • For a shopping spree you can visit – The old souk & Dubai Festival city mall can give you a unique perspective of both the vintage and modern shopping experience.


  • For the gastronomes – Al Mallah Seef, Bellamia, Al Hamidieh, Hello Fruits, ILA, La Marquise, Mamikonyan, Shawerme are some of the high-end restaurants offering a plethora of exquisite cuisines from around the world.


  • For chilling and socializing you can visit – Cielo Sky Lounge,961 LB, QD’s to hang out with your buddies and enjoy a vibrant evening.


Other Major attractions

JA Bateaux Dubai, Dubai Frames, Abra Rides, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, Dubai Creek Park.

JA Bateaux Dubai

Dubai Opera

If you desire to feast your senses with world-class art and entertainment, then Dubai Opera is the ideal destination to experience grand creative shows like never before. With a massive arena capable of seating 2000 people at a time, Dubai Opera is an exceptionally designed structure that can host an extensive range of performances such as art exhibitions, theatre, concerts, orchestras, live entertainment, opera, ballet, fashion shows, conferences and galleries. Several iconic and picturesque views can be seen from inside the Dubai Opera, like the Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountain.


Aquaventure Waterpark

The awe-inspiring waterpark has revolutionized the concept of water theme by introducing several novel rides with a water playground consisting of 18 million litres of water. Also, this waterpark has many rides, which is nearly impossible to try in a single day. The entire structure is a 16.6-acre compound with an overwhelming collection of rides, tidal waves, pools, rapids, white water chargers and pools. Aquaventure has also introduced Cownose Ray Feeding and Shark Safari for thrilling marine animal interactions.


Jumeirah Beach

Over the years, Jumeirah Beach has evolved into a top destination visited by millions of tourists throughout the year. The scenic surroundings offer an incredible opportunity for you to immerse in a peaceful ambience or indulge in various water sport activities. This gorgeous white sand beach with a seven-kilometre stretch can certainly induce a relaxing effect to your hectic lifestyle. The watersport activities include sailing, water skiing, banana boat riding, jet-skiing, snorkelling, windsurfing, scuba diving and parascending.


Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

The ten million litres colossal tank at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is home to 140 species of unique marine animals. You can have a face to face encounter with over 400 Rays, Sharks, and several rare aquatic animals. This can be an unforgettable experience for people in all age groups. The spectacular views of the aquatic world can be observed from the three main hubs known as the Aquarium Tank, Underwater Zoo and Aquarium Tunnel. You can also experience the thrill of feeding sharks by yourself and go for a shark dive for a little more adventure.

The Best-20-Instagrammable-Places-in-Dubai-Dubai Aquarium

Dubai has gained massive acceptance in the global arena as one of the top international vacation destinations in the world. There are countless incredible activities to do and mind-blowing destinations to visit in Dubai. For exploring these stunning places and the glittering city, it is essential to travel in elegance. This can be accomplished with the help of Luxury Car Rental Dubai for providing the most exotic and sophisticated Luxury car rentals in Dubai.