Phone monitoring apps have made parenting much easier for working parents. Now they do not have to be physically present with their children when they are out with friends. Physical access to the phone to check their usage is also not required any longer. Kids’ monitoring apps give the parents access to all their phones remotely. There are many kids monitoring apps in the market to choose from. However, selecting the one which suits you the best is not an easy task. The best kid monitoring app of 2021 is one that gives you complete access to your children’s digital activities. It includes their text messages, phone calls, emails, and GPS location. Before selecting the monitoring app, though, here are a few common mistakes that you should avoid. Let us have a look at the top six mistakes below:

Mistakes installing a kid monitoring app

  1. You should not install the app on your kid’s phone without their consent. In most states, using phone monitoring apps are considered illegal if they get used without permission. If your child is over 18 years of age, you must take their approval before installing a monitoring app on their phone. Otherwise, it could land you into legal trouble.
  2. Using some features may seem intrusive to the person getting monitored. Many spy apps have a few features which may seem like a complete breach of privacy to the children. For instance, the feature of remotely accessing the monitored device’s camera may get inappropriately used. Most apps come with an option to toggle off any functions that you do not want to use. Parents can have a mutual agreement with their children and toggle off any features which make them feel uncomfortable.
  3. Most people select a very cheap monitoring app, but it slows down your device. Most of the spy apps on the internet are not as efficient as they state on their website. Make sure that you do your research before paying for the app. Most users complain that using certain features of monitoring apps freezes their phones. Make sure that you read the reviews thoroughly before buying the app.
  4. Pay for the monitoring app before ensuring that the app is compatible with your phone. Most people end up making this mistake and losing a lot of money. If the app is not compatible with your phone’s version, then the app would be useless for you. Certain monitoring apps require you to jailbreak or root your device before installing it. Users need to ensure that all the required prerequisites of the app get met before you purchase it.
  5. Downloading apps from unknown sources can be dangerous. There are thousands of free monitoring apps available on the internet, and many people fall into the trap. These scam apps can add viruses and malware to your device. To avoid falling prey to these scams, make sure that you only download apps from your phone system’s respective app store. It will ensure that the apps have been tested and passed the store’s security and privacy guidelines.
  6. Not taking out the time to read all of the monitoring app’s terms and conditions before accepting them. Most people are guilty of making this mistake because they are usually in a rush to download the app and start using it. However, you must read each term and condition extensively before allowing the app permission to access your phone’s camera, microphone, and other information. It may contain a clause that gives the app makers permission to send the collected data to a third party. You would not want your confidential information to get transferred to shady places.