SEO has become a necessary evil in the world of internet marketing. If you want to rank high on search engines, you have no option but to master the basics of SEO and implement them well in your web pages. However, it does not mean that there is no scope for innovation in this field.

The seven projects that I am going to mention in this post will help you get a strong foothold on search results even if you are working with a limited budget and fewer resources. Keep in mind that these projects are mostly offered by top-level SEO experts in Singapore.

Think of your website as a restaurant and you essentially own the place of business (i.e., the restaurant), but do not have enough staff or supplies to make the business a roaring success. Well, in such a situation, you can “outsource” some of your responsibilities to dedicated Singapore seo professionals and enjoy great results at reduced costs.

The seven projects that I am talking about here do not really cost much (if invested wisely) but offer tremendous benefits. However, if you have an Etsy shop and want to check the Etsy SEO checklist, then you can visit

1) Guest blogging:

If you have a number of high-quality blog posts on your website, you can tap into the power of guest blogging to enhance your SEO value dramatically. A large number of people visit blogs as opposed to websites or forums. So, getting a single high quality backlink from a popular blog with an active community is equal to making multiple backlinks from individual websites or forums.

To make the most of this strategy, you need to find guest writers (who will write content and provide backlinks for your website) on Craigslist, oDesk, and other such sites. It is better if these writers do not have personal blogs as they would be required to create valuable backlinks from one post only.

2) Business directories:

If you are running a local business, the best idea is to list your website in as many local business directories as possible. You can make use of automated submission tools for this purpose.

3) Press releases:

When you publish press releases related to your products or services, you get free backlinks from high-authority websites that feature such releases. Using this technique, you can enhance your SEO value and get more business from prospective clients.

4) Make use of third-party networks:

If you have a good-quality website that offers useful content to readers, it is likely that you will pick up links from other websites over time. It is therefore advisable to join some high authority link networks to make the most of your existing backlinks.

5) Reach out to local businesses:

If you are based in a small town, do not underestimate the promotional power of reaching out to other businesses operating in your vicinity. Offer them some mutually beneficial deals and give them good reasons to link back to your website from their websites or any other communication channels.

6)  Write a blog:

Keep a blog with regular posts on topics related to your business and industry. If you offer great value through your content, people will link back to your articles from their websites or blogs.

7) Launch a wiki page:

There are millions of Wikipedia pages in different niches. All these pages generate thousands of incoming links from other websites every day. So, you have a great opportunity to generate backlinks without any delay simply by creating a wiki page for your business with relevant information.


In conclusion, I can say that the seven projects mentioned here are not just easy on the pocket, but also offer great value for money spent. So, put them into practice without delay and see how they deliver good results over time.