There are a few plumbing problems that you can probably fix yourself but there are some which demand the attention of a professional. When left unattended, a minor problem can quickly turn into a major issue.

While it can be difficult for you to find what could be wrong, there are a few signs that you can lookout for. Mentioned below are a few of them.

Slow Drainage

If your kitchen sink tends to fill up when you are doing the dishes or if it feels like you are wading in a kiddie pool when taking a shower, you possibly have a drainage issue.

While there could be many causes for the same, the major problem could be accumulation of debris in the drain causing it to clog up. Clogged drains are a matter of emergency and it would be a wise decision to opt for plumbing services London.

Reduced Water Pressure

If you notice that the water pressure from the faucet or the shower is lower than what it should be, it’s a sign that your supply pipes might be clogged up.

Opting for plumbing services would help in assessing the situation and fix the problem before it deteriorates any further.

Water is Gurgling Up

Unless you flush your toilet, it should be quiet. If you notice that your toilet keeps making a gurgling sound even when not in use, it could be due to a clogged vent stack or the sewer line.

No Hot Water

When you stop getting hot water, it could be the result of a system that is either completely shot or lack of regular maintenance. A plumber will diagnose the problem and fix the issue.

Burst Pipes

The pipes can burst when the water freezes inside the line during winter months. It can cause considerable water damage if not taken care of immediately.

Peeling Paint in the Bathroom

Peeling paint or wallpaper, cracks or blistering in the bathroom are all signs that you have a leakage somewhere. If left that way, it could cause a serious damp or mould problem. By reaching out for plumbing services, the plumbers would locate the leak and repair it.

No Water Available

There’s nothing more frustrating than turning the faucet on only to find that water isn’t available. With most of the plumbing concealed behind the walls, it could be difficult to find the root of the problem yourself. A plumber on the other hand has all the right tools to locate the issue and fix it.