Computer Engineering is one of the most desired degree amongst the engineering stream. The students who have opted for Science go for medical option or engineering options. It is advisable that the students should opt for the good colleges which will provide the students with the guidance they need for finishing their degrees with flying colours. Students who got get the option of taking admission in Pune are in luck as Pune known as the ‘Oxford of the East’ is known for the best universities and colleges.

Therefore, one will find the Top Engineering Colleges in Pune. One of the branches of the Engineering in Computer Engineering wherein it is an integration of various fields of computer science and electronic engineering which are requisite for developing the hardware and software of the best of education to their students. Some of the Top Computer Engineering Colleges in Pune has designed their curriculum based on the current scenario and requirement of the industry. One of the things that come to the mind if what is the career prospects of computer Engineering Degree.

Computer Hardware Engineering is one of the options

The students opting for the computer hardware engineering are the people who are behind the designing the new hardware systems, who test the designs of the computers that have to be launched, the do the analysis of the test they have done and help in managing the manufacturing for the completed projects. The companies that the hardware engineers can target is the computer component manufacturing company, the computer companies. Furthermore, there are people who also work for research companies and can also become a government employee as well. The computer hardware engineers have to complete a range of diagnosis, testing and design as per the requirement of their employer or as per the requirements of their clients.

Software Computer Engineering the most commonly opted options

The other branch of the Computer Engineering that students can opt for is Software Engineering. A software engineering perceives the design and builds computer programs for their employer or clients. A software engineer designs the new mobile applications which people enjoy in their mobile or desktops. The major part of their job involves in understanding the clients’ needs, then build a program around their needs, do the testing of the new program they have developed and improve on the product they have developed. Software engineering can target social media companies, mobile company along with computer companies. The responsibility of the computer engineers can differ as per their specialization, the sector they work for and the level of experience the software engineer has in their field.

Sub speciality in Computer Engineering

Students can also opt for the various sub-speciality in the area of Computer Engineering. Students can take their specialization in Artificial Intelligence which is one of the upcoming sectors. The other specialization that they can opt for is the Computer Architecture which is to design and developed a powerful computing system. Computer Designing is yet another array that students can opt for they would be responsible for doing the research and ideate about the design and develop the design of computer components like the processors, microchips or the micro-processors. Another upcoming sub-speciality in computer engineering is the field of Robotics, and they can design and develop the robotic systems which are nowadays useful in many industries for making the production and manufacturing easy. MITAOE is the best engineering colleges in Pune.