As one of the most important sources of B2B and B2C marketing, email marketing is an important digital marketing category. If you want to grow your brand and achieve your goal, relying on PPC and Social Media campaigns is not enough.

For business marketing, it is one of the most popular forms of communication. Mor than 80% of all professionals and use it more than other platforms, according to a survey by HubSpot.

It is not possible to know everything by surveying the competitors. For example, those are a free and efficient way of being acquainted with email marketing trends.

Some of the blogs are versatile and suitable for all kinds of brands. Let’s go through the list of top email marketing blogs that you should follow.


MailChimp is a market leader in email marketing. MailChimp has been pretty successful in advising numerous brands over the globe regarding the affordable and best forms of marketing.

They are running a blog aside from their successful ESP. They believe that providing marketers with the right tools and the right knowledge leads directly to the success of marketing.

They post regularly, that’s why you can find out a lot in a short time period. Their tips and advice using tools and automating your emails marketing sector.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a popular email marketing blog and also a software development brand. They mainly dabble in selling email marketing strategies and solutions to marketers and brand managers. They run an excellent blog in addition to their service. It should definitely be on your reading list, mainly due to its vast array of useful content.

Campaign Monitor specializes in tips and tricks related to writing. The knowledge that you obtain from their blog and getting quality articles done from online writing services like Essayassistant and Superior Papers can really do wonders for the marketing plans of yours.

After all, the marketing campaign is the backbone of the overall marketing strategy and you need experienced writers for the research papers, emails, product descriptions, and many more.


You can ask about the brand managers around the world for advice on email marketing, and they will gladly recommend VerticalResponse. They have proven to be some of the best and most valued advisers in the business in the world of email campaigns.

To inform the people about their ideas, goals, and programs, they have started one of the amazing blogs. As one of the most popular marketing blogs around, you can find surveys and a lot of case studies related to the email marketing.


Email marketing is not only a strategy reserved just for the big brands and accomplished corporations. In fact, many of the small-sized businesses have grown because of well-executed email campaigns. Many marketers afford their time and funds into optimizing this sector because it is free and achievable by anyone.

GetResponse is an excellent blog that has great articles about growing small businesses using email marketing. Each and every piece of advice is tailor-made for challenging situations with limited budgets.

This blog stands out with high-level whitepapers, ebooks, and guides. You are able to use services like Essay Writing Lab or MyAssignmentWriting to get similar writing jobs done.


MarketingProfs specializes in educating marketers of all levels of experience. This blog has all from beginner’s guides to comprehensive reviews of different tools. If you are starting in the email marketing world, MarketingProfs will offer you with a straightforward entrance into all the important details and areas.

Particularly interesting about this blog is that the articles are not the only thing that’s posted. They also post a lot of webinars, tutorials, and statistics that you can use to back up your campaigns.


Even though the email marketing is about your ideas, it is a paramount that you always acquire new knowledge. These email marketing blogs will assist you in improving your B2B marketing. Remember to stay determined, and be dynamic in your approach. You are also able to get help from the best UK Business Email List Providers to improve your ROI from newsletters.