Have you been struggling to increase the number of likes and followers on your Instagram profile? Are you an influencer who is striving hard to get recognised among the other competitors on Instagram? If such questions bother you from time to time, then it is time to measure your performance on this platform.

If you are a publisher who likes to promote a brand as well as act as an influencer, then by now, you must know the game of Instagram. It happens to be slightly different from the regular social media platforms available around us. Hence, let us take a close look at the dual responsibilities shared by such profiles on Instagram:

Brand Publicity

In the initial times, publicity was all about finding the appropriate magazine and pictures. Most of the corporate companies across the globe have built a particular niche across their business. They have managed to segregate their target audience and cultivate the same psyche into them.

But with the advancement of the digital world, there has been a substantial change in this way of promotion. It is more about storytelling, according to the features available on Instagram. These companies select their target audience even on these platforms as well. They formulate their old convention marketing strategies as per the needs of the hour.

These companies have specialised professional teams to handle their social networking profiles. They make sure to follow their previous agendas by slightly modifying the ways. They not only interact with the audience but also deliver beautiful stories along with their services through Instagram. This single point leads us to the next concept of influencing the audience towards a specific brand in the market.

The Influencer

A content distributor happens to be one of the essential professionals involved in marketing the company’s business. They are the ones that channelize the profits of the company through native advertising. But due to the digitalisation, every aspect of such advertising strategies has seen a significant reform. The availability of Instagram ads and means to buy likes on this platform has modified the game of promotions.

Buying advertisements for magazines and newspaper would provide essential data of actual distribution. But such cases do not apply to social media. Due to such confusion, many advertisers had difficulty in switching to print to this platform.

So, the question now arises as to how to measure the performance of an account on Instagram? Here are some of the easy ways to carry that out:

Check Engagement Rate

The engagements of the users on your posts are governed by likes, comments, shares, and saves. Use these features to compare the engagement rate of your profile with your competitors in the digital world.

Which Hashtags Is Profitable?

Choosing the right hashtags plays a crucial role in directing the traffic to your post. Research about the ones that can improve your profile’s performance on Instagram.

Who Loves What?

It is vital to research the most popular advertisements and posts on Instagram. Know how to perform well by observing their tactics and channelize the maximum traffic to your site.

Apart from these, you might consider the option of tracking down the followers’ growth on your profile. Try to assess the performance of your feeds as well as Instagram stories. There isn’t any concrete rulebook to follow to understand the performance on Instagram.

But one can use expert tactics and research about marketing trends. By so you would understand the drawbacks of your profile accurately to reach the ultimate success in the digital world.

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